#PinToRealLife Roundup

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Hey guys! Look at all this cute stuff I wore during the Pin to Real Life challenge! In case counting’s not your thing, that’s seven outfits all inspired by my Pinterest board. In case calendars aren’t your thing, that’s a whole week’s worth. [pause for applause] Oh, and I even did a recipe! [pause for oohs, aahs, and more applause]

I found that hitting up my old pins for new ideas was really fun and a pretty easy way to figure out what to wear the next day, so I have a feeling this Pin to Real Life thing will be a regular feature, even if I don’t proclaim an official week again. In other words, please keep sending me your Pin to Real Life links! They make me feel very important and influential in the blogging world, which obviously I am.

Thanks to all the bloggers who joined me last week in recreating looks from their Pinterest boards:

Pin to Real Life Outfit #1

pinatlantic1-with title

Left photo source: Atlantic-Pacific (used with permission)

pinatlantic2 pinatlantic3 pinatlantic4 pinatlantic5 pinatlantic6

In case you spent the whole weekend at the pool (color me jealous) and you missed the big news, this week I am doing the Pin to Real Life style challenge! Never heard of it before? That’s because I invented it. You’re welcome.

The first outfit I recreated was based on a look from the ridiculously stylish Blair of Atlantic-Pacific. I pinned this look because (a) it’s adorable, and (b) I had all the ingredients to do a spot-on re-enactment. I skipped the hat though, because hats aren’t really my thing. I wore this over the weekend to go out for pizza with friends and take a short walk around Monument Circle in downtown Indy. I probably never would have mixed this dress, jacket, and shoe together if I hadn’t pinned Blair’s look, so that’s a win for the Pin to Real Life style challenge!

If you try your own Pin to Real Life look this week, don’t forget to mention me! Send me your link and I’ll post it here on SRL.

similar Dress (on sale) // Jacket // similar Shoes // other similar Shoes (on sale) // Bracelet(25% off with code REALLIFE25) // vintage Coach bag via eBay // Necklace

*Bracelet gifted by House of Gemmes

The “Pin to Real Life” Style Challenge!

After the epic success of my last challenge (surprisingly, I’m not being sarcastic), I couldn’t wait to do another one. A ton of other bloggers joined in last time, and I’m hoping for just as many this time! You hear that? I’m talking to YOU.

So what’s the challenge? I’m glad you asked.

It’s called the “Pin to Real Life” Style Challenge!

How does it work? You are so full of great questions today! Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I use Pinterest almost daily, and I often pin outfits from other blogs I follow. So next week, I’m challenging myself to look through my outfit inspiration board on Pinterest and recreate my own version of a pinned outfit each day. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica – the idea is just to be inspired by a look I like and then find things in my own closet that mimic whatever it is that I liked about the original.

I hope everyone likes this idea! I look forward to sharing my “pinspired” looks with you all starting Monday.

Join me, won’t you?

These things are always more fun with friends. If you’re a blogger and a Pinterest user, why not post a Pinterest-inspired outfit? You can do it just once, or you can go for a whole week with me. Even if you don’t have a blog and you want to try recreating an outfit or 2 from your own Pinterest board (or mine), share it on the SRL Facebook page!

If you’ve never used Pinterest for outfit inspiration, check out this article for tips on getting started.

If you are a fellow blogger and you decide to do the Pin to Real Life Style Challenge, I would be happy to share your link with my readers! All I ask is that: (1) Somewhere in your post, mention that I started the challenge and link back to this post, and (2) Send me your link somehow (Twitter, email, comment, etc.) so I know where to find you.

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