Won’t You Take Me To…SPARKLE TOWN

What is it about New Year’s that makes people want to dress like disco balls? I don’t know but I fall victim to the sequins, too. I feel like there’s a very stereotypical “NYE dress.” It’s very small and very sparkly. And probably very itchy. And you’ll probably never wear it again.

Recently I’ve been keeping an eye out for sparkly things that are NYE appropriate but are also re-wearable (as the queen of remixing, I always have this kind of thing on my mind). I gathered up a few of my favorites (all under $70) to give you some ideas. All of this stuff would also be right at home at a wedding, your birthday party, or a fancy date night. A few of them might even be OK – dare I say it – for everyday wear. I happen to have my eye on the sequin pants just because they’re a little ridiculous and I love them.

NYE & Beyond

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What’s your favorite?