#LookingLucky 10: Neon

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I kind of backed myself into a corner for the end of the Looking Lucky challenge. The last trend I had to do was neon, which I thought would be easy because I have tons of bright colors in my closet. Well, bright isn’t quite the same thing as neon, and it turns out my choices were actually pretty limited. My best option was this highlighter yellow pencil skirt, but the only occasion I had to dress for was a casual brunch, so I dressed it down as much as I could. I actually really like how it turned out. Maybe I’ll make casual pencil skirt brunches a new thing. You heard it here first.

By the way, I’m putting this post together on the eve of my first exam of my last semester – just four little tests and I’ll be done with law school! In case you’re wondering why I’m not studying right now, let me explain. I’ve found that I’m in a much better state of mind for a big exam when I stop studying around 7:00 the night before. Then I can have some dinner, relax, watch some mindless TV, and get to bed early. The later I study, the more I start to worry that I don’t know enough, and the less likely I am to actually absorb anything.

Maybe it’s counterintuitive, but sometimes NOT studying (in moderation) is a good way to prepare for a test just because it helps you stay sane! In fact, that’s exactly why I went to brunch in this outfit. During finals week (which is really finals weeks plural), I try to get out of the house at least every other day. Sometimes I study at Starbucks, or take a break for a couple hours to go out to dinner or the mall. Getting out of my sweatpants and looking like an actual functioning adult human being is a healthy thing in my book.

Speaking of books, maybe I’ll take one more look at mine before tomorrow morning. Just in case.

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Neon Lace

neon1 neon2 neon3 neon4 neon5 neon6 neon7

Why yes, I am wearing a neon yellow pencil skirt. And yes, it was an impulse buy that I made at 8:57pm without even trying it on. I’m breaking all my rules, but it was $18! And I will rock this obnoxiously bright $18 skirt like it’s my job. Or rather, I will rock it at my job.

Skirt (sorry it’s not $18 anymore) // similar Jacket (on sale) // similar Shoes // similar Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Necklace

My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

shades1 shades2 shades3 shades4 shades5 shades6 shades7

I tried on these sunglasses one day last week, and I thought they were fabulous. I just thought maybe they were too fabulous, like I would look ridiculous. So I didn’t get them.

The very next day, I was studying at Starbucks, and this old lady walked in. She had to be at least 75, probably older. She weighed about negative 50 pounds; her handbag was bigger than she was. It was 80 degrees, and she was wearing long black pants, a yellow sweater, a floral silk scarf, and…these sunglasses.

Well, that was it. Obviously I had to go back and get the sunglasses. Yes, a 75-year-old woman is definitely my role model. Why wouldn’t she be…especially considering my idea of a fun Saturday night is watching Downton Abbey with my cat and a big glass of wine.

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P.S. I submitted this post to IFB’s Project #96, which just happened to use the same song reference I did 🙂

Back in the Day





OK, the leaf picture might have been staged. But I’m excited for fall.


20120919-213006.jpgWhen I was in high school, the goal was to wear jeans with the lowest rise possible, and the only reason to tie your shirt was to show off your pink cubic zirconia belly button ring. (I didn’t have a belly button ring, but I probably wanted one at the time.)

If you had told me in 2002 that in ten years I would be wearing this outfit, I would have thought I turned into a major nerd. And I would be right, BUT my nerdiness is entirely separate from this outfit choice. The outfit is smart, not nerdy. In my old (relatively) age, I now realize that high-waisted bottoms make my short legs look longer, even in flats. And speaking of short, often times shirt hems and sleeves are overwhelming on me; cuffing the sleeves and knotting in the front fixes that problem! Live and learn.

Nerdy High-rise jeans available at Madewell

On the Chambray Bandwagon


Well friends, it has happened. I bought a chambray shirt and I’m not afraid to show it. When this trend first started popping up, I was not a fan. I don’t really like jean jackets, and jean shirts seemed like pretty much the same thing to me. The more people I saw wearing their chambray shirts with blue jeans, the more it bugged me – nothing wrong with it necessarily, but I tend to develop strange distastes for certain trends. Kimberly of eat.sleep.wear did the denim on denim thing…looks great on her, but it’s just not my style.

But then…something started to change. I saw chambray being styled in different ways that were more appealing to me. Kendi of Kendi Everyday wore chambray with a contrasting pencil skirt. Kayley of Sidewalk Ready wore chambray with bright pink jeans. Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere paired her chambray with a super-sparkly necklace. Skirts? Bright colors? Accessories? I love all those things!

So I went to Madewell. They have a whole chambray shirt “bar” with different styles and washes and I found the perfect one for me. Not too pale, not too slouchy, and it’s super soft. (Plus, I’m a student so I get 20% off! Woot!)

When I was in the dressing room, the advice of What I Wore‘s Jessica Quirk popped into my head, and I tried to think of 3 different things I already own that I could wear with my new chambray friend. I thought of wearing it with these pants and these shorts, and for the debut, with this white pencil skirt for work on Friday. What do you think?

Welcome to my closet, chambray!










I had a ton of fun taking these photos on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (one of my favorite places), which is why I included so many – too hard to choose!

Top: Madewell / Skirt: Ann Taylor / Belt: Ann Taylor / Shoes: Cole Haan / Bag: marc by Marc Jacobs / Bracelet: Madewell / Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

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