Black & White (plus a dash of neon)

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I know black and white is supposed to be a big trend these days (I read that on the interwebs), and I tried my best, but I’m simply incapable of not wearing any color. This is probably the closest I’ll ever get. But you have to admit – the belt totally makes the outfit, right? Agreed. You guys totally get me.

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Now & Then






This is an outfit I wore over the weekend to have lunch with my old freshman roommate, who lives in California, so I haven’t seen her in YEARS. Part of the fun – or horror – of going to college is getting thrown into a tiny room with a random person whom you may or may not like. Your freshman roomie is probably someone you’ll never forget, either because he/she was your very first friend in college, or because he/she was the freak of all freaks. Lucky for me, mine was the former!

We spent Sunday reminiscing about the good ol’ days (the parts we remember, anyway) and catching up on how our lives have changed since then. I think we’ve matured, but only slightly. Here’s a picture of us in our dorm room in 2003, and us today! We’re kind of like wine…age has only done good things for us.

20120902-210753.jpgAlright! Here’s the part where you can (a) tell me your thoughts on my outfit, (b) tell me a roommate-from-hell story, or (c) both.

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