One-Fifth Sparkle

20120822-181249.jpgHello, friends, and happy hump day. I almost forgot I wanted to show you my back-to-school manicure. (I decided that anything I did within the 2-week period leading up to the first day of class, as well as anything I do during the first week of classes, can be labeled a “back-to-school” activity, making it sound more special and exciting.)

These are two new Essie colors, and since I felt I was a little too old for a full hand of sparkly nails, I was drawn to this more traditional and subdued nail color and decided to limit my sparkle to one finger on each hand.



20120822-181320.jpgOn my ring fingers, I did one coat of “in stitches” and two of the sparkly top coat. So do we think this different-polish-on-one-finger trend is going to last long? I kind of like it!