Denim on (Colored) Denim

denim1 denim2 denim3 denim4 denim5 denim6

Exciting news, friends! I am officially DONE with my second year of law school! The only slight downside is that I only have one year left to wear stuff like this on weekdays. I’ll relish it while I can.

I know I’ve already said it, but I’m so glad I finally got a jean jacket. I’ve already gotten 3 wears out of this guy. I’m still not a fan of doubling up on the blue denim (Texas Tuxedo style), but I’m cool with mixing the jacket with colored denim.  Throw in some polka dots, and it’s the perfect outfit for someone who’s 2/3 of a lawyer and 100% awesome.

similar Shirt (under $10!) // Jacket // similar Jeans // Bracelet // Boots // Lipstick

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Snow Shoes…Sort of.

snowheels1 snowheels2 snowheels3 snowheels4 snowheels5 snowheels6 snowheels7

As much I love suede, calf hair, and leather (real or faux) on my feet, it’s always good to have some shoes made of cheap man-made materials. If I’ve learned one thing living in Indiana for 9 years, it’s to expect the unexpected, especially in the winter. After my recent snow boot fail, I had decided to forget about trying to follow the weather forecast. I saw some snowflakes out the window, so I went for these all-weather heels in the hopes that not too much more would fall. I survived. Maybe “snow pumps” will become the new thing.

(Or maybe not. The future lawyer in me sees a lot of liability issues with marketing stilettos for icy conditions. Let’s scratch that idea. Snow strut at your own risk.)

Dress: Target (similar here and here)

Cardigan: (similar)

Necklace: Target (bought recently but can’t find it online)

Shoes: Macy’s Style & Co. (similar)

Belt: came with another dress (similar)

Tights: Frenchi (If you’re in the market for some new black opaque tights, I recommend these! They’re really sturdy feeling and the waist band is super comfy. Pretty warm too.)

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date1 date2 date3 date4 date5

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday so I took her out to dinner at the Melting Pot. Except for the part where I gestured wildly about chocolate fondu and accidentally knocked my pinot noir all over my lap, it was a great time. Good think I elected to wear black, right? I should probably just always wear black when I’m around chocolate or wine because I tend to get very excited about them, and one or both is bound to wind up as an accidental accessory.

Dress: INC (try this, this, or my favorite)

Vest: Ya Los Angeles (similar)

Coat: Victoria’s Secret (similar)

Shoes: Bandolino (similar)

Sarah and the Chocolate Factory


See’s Candies recently opened a new location in Indianapolis at the Fashion Mall, and they hosted a private party for Indy bloggers last Thursday. I know this is normally a clothes-centric blog, but if there’s anything I love as much as clothes, it’s chocolate. You better believe I jumped on  that invite! And I’m so glad I did because Kristin and I had a great time.


Besides all the free candy, the coolest part of the night was when we got to race to see who could pack a box of 12 chocolates the fastest. It was honestly really hard! The famous episode of “I Love Lucy” was actually filmed at a See’s factory, and I think we all now have a new appreciation for her struggle with the assembly line.


<< top knot + hairnet = lookin’ good >>

sees4 sees5

<< just like Lucy, but I didn’t shove any in my mouth until after >>


<< my finished box – not pretty, but still delicious >>


<< my trusty photographer and chocolate-packing team member >>

Well, those were the highlights! I’ll leave you with a couple more photos of my outfit, including one with a mall janitor in the background…it was just too good not to share.

sees8 sees9 sees10 sees11

Jacket: I.N.C. via Macy’s (similar here and here, both on sale)

Sweater: J. Crew Factory

Jeans: Express

Clutch: via TJ Maxx (similar)

Bracelet: Stephan & Co.

P.S. This post was not sponsored by See’s. They just gave me so freaking much free candy, I figured I could at least credit them and show some thanks for the party! Also thanks to Indianapolis Bloggers for organizing invitations.

Mustard Greens

mustard1 mustard2 mustard3 mustard4 mustard5

I have a couple people to thank for helping me with this outfit.

First is Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook, who recently posted this yellow top/green bottom outfit. The weather was hideously cold this day, so my freakishly warm cashmere cardigan was the only thing I could think about wearing. I probably would have worn plain ol’ blue jeans, but I had just seen Wendy’s outfit the day before so I busted out the green. I do love an unexpected color combo.

The second person to thank is Patricia, one of my readers who also makes jewelry and who sent me this blue and white beaded necklace. To keep from looking too First Ladyish in my lace and cardigan, I layered it over my spike necklace. I really like how it turned out!

Patricia sells other unique pieces in her Etsy shop, and for the rest of this month, she is offering 25% off any order just for Sarah’s Real Life readers. Find her shop here and use the code “REALLIFE1” for your discount!

Shirt: Ann Taylor (another option in more sizes here)

Cardigan: Nordstrom, old (similar)

Necklaces: Target, c/o Designs…By Patricia

Jeans: The Limited (similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden, old (similar)

Orange You Glad I’m Wearing More Yellow?





20121113-105612.jpgThis yellow jacket is by far one of my favorite things in my wardrobe. And yet…It’s one of those pieces that makes such a statement and can only be worn in so many ways that I don’t bust it out very often. So when I do wear it, the day feels special. And also mustardy.

Also, some of you that follow me on Twitter saw that I splurged on a certain fancy beauty item last week (and Instagrammed it, of course, because if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen)…The lucky new product gracing my face is an Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Stain in an awesome orangey-red shade. 20121113-105623.jpgI had read nothing but glowing reviews of this product in magazines, but I never know how much to trust magazines…they could be sponsored or something. I don’t know. But I had a 20% off coupon for Sephora so I decided to go for it. So, you want to know my unsponsored thoughts? I thought so…

The picture below (and the ones above, for that matter) were taken around 4:30pm. The last time I had touched up my lips was after lunch, 12:30 or so. Since then I had eaten a granola bar, a medium fries from Wendy’s, and a Diet Coke. (I like to snack, OK?) The point is, this stuff sticks! It’s part gloss, part stain, so the gloss does rub off on your coffee cup, but the stain sticks around for awhile. For me, it’s a great combo because I like to use something glossy on my lips so they don’t feel dry, but I also hate it when I get through a meal or a drink and I’m left with just a red outline around my lips. You know what I’m talking about. Tacky. Basically, this stuff is the best of both worlds!

So Santa, if you’re listening, I wouldn’t mind another color.


Most awesome jacket ever: I.N.C. (Macy’s), old…sorry! but see some other great mustard options here, here, and here

Jeans: Seven

Boots: Madden Girl (similar here and here)

Lips: YSL Glossy Stain No. 8 Orange de Chine

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