Romping Around

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I bought a romper shortly before my 25th birthday because I thought it was cute and I was worried there might be an age limit on rompers (actually there is – and it’s 18 months).

I wore it a couple times, washed it, and it shrank, so I couldn’t wear it again whether or not I was too old for it. I had pretty much written off the romper – or the adult onesie, as I like to call it – until I saw this one at Loft. Besides the fact that it’s a romper, it actually has a very chic structure and pattern. So now that I’m coming up on my 28th birthday, I figured what better time to try out a more mature romper.


See? Mature.

Romper // similar Jacket // similar Bag (on sale) // similar Shoes (on sale) // Sunglasses (on sale)

P.S. I was blown away by all the great reactions to yesterday’s post. I really truly appreciate all the comments, retweets, shares, and “happy anniversary” wishes! Thank you!


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Why, hello there! Long time, no outfit, huh? I hope you didn’t miss me too much during my 4-day hiatus (that’s a long one for me). Sadly, my grandma died last Thursday, and my meticulously planned schedule went out the window when I had to fly to North Carolina for the funeral. Normally, I’m glued to my phone and/or computer, always editing photos and writing posts and updating social media no matter how busy I am with other things. But when I was back home with my family, sharing tissues and happy memories, blogging was the farthest thing from my mind.

I know everyone thinks their grandma was the best, but mine seriously was. So even though I’m pretty sure my grandma didn’t know what a blog was, today’s post is dedicated to her. When I was a little girl and I put on a dress to go to church, my grandma would always gush over how “darling” I looked. At the time, I hated it because I didn’t want to look darling – I wanted to look grown-up! But when I put on this dress on Saturday, I couldn’t help but imagine my grandma telling me how darling I looked – and I would have loved to hear it!

Alright, I’m not wearing waterproof mascara, so that’s enough of that for now. Because of my long absence, I’m extending the Flourish Boutique giveaway through the end of the day today (Thursday). Be sure to enter!

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When I was in middle and high school, nobody wore cropped pants. It was either capris right under the knee (what were we thinking?) or flared pants that were at least an inch too long. Anything else, and you were wearing “highwaters” and basically committing social suicide.

Times have changed and I’m so glad, because I love the cut of these pants! And I can continue loving them because the bottoms of them won’t get torn up and dirty from dragging the ground.

So…how many years do you think it will be until these are highwaters again? Be sure the let me know because I don’t want the kids at school to tease me.

Vest: LOFT (similar)

Pants: Ann Taylor (extra 50% off!)

Shoes: J. Crew

Sunglasses: Kate Spade