And the Oscar Goes to…

oscars1 oscars2 oscars3 oscars4 oscars5 oscars6 oscars7 oscars8

On Sunday I went to an Oscars party. I always watch the Oscars, but I’m pretty sure it was the first time in my life I’ve left my house to do so. It’s kind of like the first Christmas you spend away from home…You’re nervous it won’t be quite the same, but it still turns out to be fun. Because it’s Christmas. I mean the Oscars. Anywho.

My goal with this outfit was to be equal parts “it’s a special occasion” and “I’m going to sit on a couch eating junk food and judging people.” Sounds like a good occasion for the faux leather leggings, doesn’t it? I thought so. And because I’m still doing the Take One remix, I repeated this necklace from the day before.

Speaking of the Oscars, did anyone else notice a glaring lack of necklaces and lipstick on the red carpet? It was all bare sternums and bare lips. If you looked at the pictures above (and 90% of the pictures I’ve ever posted on this blog), you can probably guess how I feel about that. Lame.

similar Sweater // similar Vest // Leggings //  similar Necklace // Sunglasses // similar Shoes // Link Bracelet // similar Coat

These photos were taken at Holliday Park in Indianapolis.

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More Leather Legs

dinnerparty1 dinnerparty2 dinnerparty3 dinnerparty4 dinnerparty5

Yep, busting out the faux leather leggings again already. I told you they would be versatile.

My friend from law school had a few people over for a dinner party on Friday night. As you might expect, it was an action-packed night of food, drink, games, and debates about the breadth of copyright law.

Since we’re all heading back to class today, it was nice to have one last night of fun and frivolity.

Top: Bar III

Necklace: (similar)

Leggings: Arden B.

Heels: Nine West (similar)

Sweata and Leatha Weatha

sweataleatha1 sweataleatha2 sweataleatha3 sweataleatha4 sweataleatha5

Remember that time I wore leather pants to go to Noodles & Co. on a Monday? I do. And I stand by my decision. I’m pretty excited about these (faux) leather leggings because I think they’re actually going to be pretty versatile. Not office appropriate, obviously, but noodle-eating appropriate? I’m voting yes. Then again, pretty much anything is appropriate for eating noodles because noodles are just awesome no matter what you’re wearing.

Leather pants have a way of making you want to go over-the-top biker babe, so I talked myself down and settled on a baggy sweater and demure shoes because, after all, I only ride my Harley on the weekends.

Sweater: Nordstrom, old (similar)

Leggings: Arden B.

Necklace: old (similar)

Shoes: Sole Society (sign up here if you’re new!)

Lips: Clinique “A Different Grape”