Guess My Age

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Sometimes when you’re shorter than 5’4″ and younger than 35, it’s easy to look like a small child if you wear things like, say, a flared skirt, tights, and pink shoes.

And sometimes you just don’t give a crap because you’re a grown up and you’ll be a lawyer soon. So there.

Shirt: J. Crew Factory (similar)

Sweater: J. Crew (on sale in other colors)

Skirt: Webster Miama for Target (similar)

Tights: Simply Vera

Shoes: Target (similar)

Bracelet: Madewell (on sale in blue)

P.S. The repeated piece is this purple and white oxford shirt. See yesterday’s post if you missed it!

7 Ways to Wear Layers

In today’s edition of the world-famous (in my world anyway) How to Wear Series, I have for you a round-up of some of my favorite layered looks from the past few months! My layering used to be limited to cardigans over tank tops.

And I wore cardigans over tank tops like it was my job. In fact, I was the CEO of CardiTank, LLC. No I wasn’t. That’s not a real thing. It was actually TT&C, Inc., and I was COO.

Anywho, recently, I’ve been pushing myself to try more interesting combinations. As the weather is cooling down, there’s no better time to talk about piling on the clothes! Let’s do it!

1. Chambray + Cardigan

A nice mix of casual and preppy, but you can make it less preppy with a fun print like leopard. Leave the cardigan open or button it up (or somewhere in between).


2. Long-sleeve shirt + Dress

This works in almost any season. Just make sure the shirt doesn’t make any funny bulges under the dress. This is also a good chance to play with complementary prints.


3. Tights + Dress + Chunky Sweater

A dress becomes a skirt when you cover up the top half. It’ll be our little secret.


4. Leggings + Tunic Sweater + Vest

Any ol’ vest will do…sweater, puffer, or even fur. Just be sure you don’t make yourself overly bulky.


5. Oxford + Sweatshirt

This is one of my favorite combos, in case you can’t tell. A little collar and cuff make a sweatshirt look like real clothes instead of pajamas.


6. 3/4 Sleeve Shirt + Rolled up Cardigan + Belt

You didn’t think I was going to leave out cardigans altogether, did you? For something a little different, let the bottom layer peek out on all edges, and top with a belt.


7. Leggings + Dress + Boyfriend Cardigan

Winterize a summery tank dress by layering over and under.


Ta da!

So there you have it…that was a lot of layers. Kind of like those Pillsbury biscuits that are so amazing. Damn, now I want a biscuit. Well just one last thing (and it’s not breakfast food, sorry): A few items you can grab to make sure you’re ready to get your layer on this winter.
Layering Essentials
1. Chambray: Madewell, $69.50  //  2. Cardigan: Madewell, $85  //  3. Plaid shirt: J. Crew, $88
4. Turtleneck: Calvin Klein, $39  //  5. Belt: J. Crew, $19.99  //  6. Leggings: Target, $5
7. Sweatshirt: Zoe Karssen, $80  //  8. Vest: J. Crew, $138 //  9. Dress: Jigsaw London, $98
Add your favorite pair of jeans and you’d probably have about 4 million outfit combinations. Give or take. Here are a few:
  • 1 + 2 + 6
  • 3 + 6 + 2 + 5
  • 3 + 7 + jeans
  • 3 + 9 + 5
  • 4 + 9 + 8
  • 1 + 8 + jeans
  • 9 + 2 + 5

(You didn’t know we’d be doing math today, did you?! Any other good combos you would try?)

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