Play Laceball







The Nordstrom fairy brought me some gifts this week, including this baseball jacket and these bracelets! Such a nice little fairy. I actually saw this stuff in-store but I ordered it online so I could get a visit from the fairy. Or because I like to give myself a little time after I see stuff I like to talk it over with my closet. “Closet, do you think you could be friends with a lace jacket and some cool spikey bracelets?” My closet said yes. So here we are.

Seriously though, I thought this jacket was so cool. I like that it’s sporty in structure but completely unsporty in material. Which is appropriate, because I myself might appear to be fit and athletic, yet I have absolutely no skill at any sport.

I have a funny story about my baseball skills, actually. I remember in middle school gym class when we had to play baseball (or wiffle ball, whatever it was) for the first time. I went up to bat and couldn’t hit a ball to save my life. Then the gym teacher asked if I was left-handed. I’m not. He said that was the problem…I was facing the wrong way! So I turned around and hit right-handed.

Made no difference whatsoever.

Lace baseball jacket: MOD.lusive via Nordstrom

Jeans: American Eagle

Loafers: Target, old (similar here and here)

Bracelets: both Stephan & Co. via Nordstrom (same here and here)

You know what lace makes me think of? Vintage. You know what vintage makes me think of? The Gems & Jam Giveaway that you still need to enter. Get on it!