Size and Shape

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After the not-so-great review of Studio Movie Grill I gave yesterday, I’m happy to bring a good review in today’s post, along with maybe a little talk about positive body image and girl power. Huzzah!

I feel a little awkward giving advice about body image since I’m naturally pretty thin and maybe haven’t had the same struggles as other women have, but hear me out.

I’ve often had friends compliment me on what I’m wearing, and then they tell me they couldn’t “pull off” something similar because they’re not “skinny” like me. Listen up, ladies. If you’re under the impression all clothes would look good on you if only you were a size 2, you’re wrong. I know this because I am a size 2, and not everything looks good on me. I come out of plenty of dressing rooms empty handed.

The thing is: women aren’t just sizes; we’re also shapes. There’s no way one pair of jeans (or dress, or whatever) – even if it comes in different sizes – can be right for everyone! It takes work – and maybe it takes more work for some than others – but you just have to find clothes that are made for your body. No blog reader of  mine should ever think she’s too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too busty, or too whatever to wear great clothes!

Some style advice-givers (like here and here) say that “dressing for your body” means accentuating the best parts of your body and hiding your flaws, but I feel like that’s the wrong way to look at it. What they mean by “flaws” is usually “the biggest part of your body,” and I think that sends the wrong message. Please remove the word “flaw” from your dictionary. Thank you. Instead, I suggest just getting comfortable with whatever your shape is and figuring out what makes you feel awesome and confident. If you try on something that doesn’t make you feel awesome and confident, then learn to laugh about it. Don’t compare yourself to other people – those bitches are probably jealous of something you have, too!

Here, I’ll start. While I have a very small waist (rough life, I know), my hips are relatively wide in comparison. Sometimes when I tell people I have wide hips, they think I’m calling myself fat. No. I am neither blind nor an idiot. I’m just stating a fact about my shape that I’m perfectly fine with. Still, having curves on the bottom is usually my biggest challenge when it comes to dressing my body. That striped mini skirt I wore in yesterday’s post? It works because the side panels break up the horizontal lines. On my search for a striped skirt, I tried on A LOT of duds! There was one that made me look like wider than I thought was humanly possible (that was one I had to laugh about). But pants are the worst.

Have you ever noticed how much J. Crew I wear? Dresses, sweaters, shoes, jewelry…but never J. Crew pants. Do you know why? Because they never fit me. Check out the J. Crew fit guide: no matter what the size, there’s a 10″ difference between the waist and hips. I have a 12″ difference. So when I get a size big enough to fit my hips properly, I have an extra 2″ of waistline just hangin’ out. Not cute. I have this problem with the majority of pants I try on. That’s why I was very happy to receive these jeans from a new line called Poetic Justice made specifically for curvy women. Check out their fit guide: 12 inches, folks! They’re also very affordable and the quality seems great so far – sturdy but not stiff.

So if you’re like me and every pair of pants has a big gap in the back, I can confidently give Poetic Justice the SASS (Sarah’s Awesome Stamp of Satisfaction)!

And if you’re not like me, that’s great, too. 🙂 If you have a different challenge (not flaw), I would love to hear how you’ve learned to make it work for you. Leave me a comment below!

Jeans* // similar Turtleneck // similar Jacket* (under $40) // similar Boots // Lips “Romantic”

*Jeans provided courtesy of Poetic Justice; jacket provided courtesy of Lucky B Boutique.

Tied With a Bow. Or a Crap Ton of Bows.





I like finding t-shirts with fun details so I can feel like I’m wearing something special even on those jeans-and-a-t-shirt days. I just picked up this top at Ann Taylor…if there are any other bow lovers out there, I highly recommend stopping by good ol’ Ann’s place. She’s got lots of bows for you.

I wore this a couple days ago when I was out running errands to get ready for classes to start (and they start tomorrow…eep!). It rained all day, which is why you’re getting a little glimpse of the inside of my apartment. I’ll go ahead and let you assume that the rest of it is as tidy as the small section you see here.

Top available at Ann Taylor (and full-price tops are currently buy one, get one half off…just thought I’d mention that)

Taste the Rainbow





Sometimes I don’t understand what people are wearing at the mall. There are those girls strutting around in their strappy heels…whom are you trying to impress? You’ve got a lot of walking to do, and you choose the least comfortable shoes you own? Plus you’re going to spend 5 minutes taking them off and on in every dressing room. Not practical. Oh, and don’t get me started on the ladies who rub their full face of makeup on the last white shirt in my size.

When I have a big shopping day ahead of me, I dress strategically: a top with a wide neck hole that’s easy to take off without messing up my hair, comfy shoes that slip on and off quickly, no jewelry that’s going to catch on fabric, and no messy makeup or lipgloss.

Luckily, these rules apparently still allow me to dress like a bag of Skittles, which is a life goal of mine.

In case you’re wondering, my shopping was quite successful. Mustard yellow jeans, polka dot tank, striped polo, and a mixed-print skirt. Stay tuned…

Yes, I Do Own Jeans





I know you see a lot of business casual on this blog, and on weekends I’ve been wearing lots of shorts and skirts because it’s been so hot this summer. Once classes start back up in a couple weeks, you’ll find that I do in fact wear jeans a lot when left to make my own dress code.

This past Friday was one of the few Fridays I actually worked this summer, and I got to put together a little casual Friday outfit (can I say Friday again? Friday). I actually wore different jeans than the ones pictured to work but after sitting all day the waist band got kind of stretched out so I changed into these to go watch the Olympics at my friends’ house. Which reminds me: trampolining? Crazy.

Sunday in the Park with Clothes






I know Saturday is the traditional date night, but I quite enjoy Sunday afternoon dates. If you have all your fun on Saturday night and save the errands and chores (if you do those things) for Sunday, it’s kind of like ending the weekend on a lame note. Sometimes I would rather do my boring grown-up things on Saturday and enjoy my last day of my weekend.

On this particular Sunday, we went to see To Rome With Love. I’m a big Woody Allen fan, so I liked it. I also like living vicariously through movies set in beautiful places I’ve never been. If you liked Midnight in Paris, you’ll probably like this one too.

Oh, about the hair. I can only do this when I’m not trying, so don’t ask me to give you a tutorial or anything.

Working for the Weekend





On this particular day (casual Friday – woo hoo!) I was sporting what my sister would call “big country hair.” In the South, this would actually be kind of flat, but by my standards, it’s big country hair. I thought about wearing my daisy dukes and confederate flag crop top, but then I remembered that I don’t own those things. Plus, I don’t think they would be work appropriate. Just a hunch.

I do believe this ensemble is work appropriate, however. And this would totally be one of those outfits they show in a magazine as something that could go from day to evening (“just take a clutch!”), but as I am an old lady who stays home and watches Pretty Little Liars on Netflix on Friday nights, it was just a particularly sassy work outfit.

Top: Kensie / Jeans: Seven / Necklace: LOFT / Bracelet: What to Wear Boutique / Shoes: Nine West

Summer Whites





I don’t own a plain white button-up. I know it’s a staple and all, but they just end up looking grungy so fast that I feel like it’s a waste of money. That said, I loved the details of this top so much I couldn’t resist. What can I say? I live on the edge. Plus, it was on clearance for $15. Also…it has pockets! How cool is that?!

We made a quick outing in the morning, so I took my new white shirt for a spin. Then I changed into my white bikini (again, the edge – I live there) and spent most of the day relaxing in the pool and working on my tan sunburn. Vacation…who’s jealous?


Top: Webster Miami at Target / Jeans: Ann Taylor / Shoes: Dr. Scholls / Bracelet: Madewell / Necklace: Tiffany / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Sunglasses: Charming Charlie

Bikini: Victoria’s Secret / Hat: Target