I Wear the Pants

polka dot shirt, olive pants, cuffed pants with wedgesolivepants2 olivepants3 olivepants4 polka dot shirt, olive pants, cuffed pants with wedges

PANTS. I’m wearing them. I feel like it’s been forever since I did. I’ve been living in skirts and dresses all summer, but after the last generation worked so hard to let women wear pants in the first place, I feel like it would be disrespectful to them not to wear leg sleeves once in a while. (That’s a hip new term for pants – leg sleeves. FYI. Tell your friends.)

When I put this on, I felt very tomboyish. Because boys wear pants, and because any belt thicker than 1/4″ is super butch. I mean I was never a tomboy, but I’m pretty sure I’m right about this. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just strut on over to the baseball field and play a match. Touchdown!

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Sunshine, Flowers, and Puppies

sunshine1 sunshine2 sunshine3 sunshine4 sunshine5 sunshine6

OK, full disclosure. There aren’t any puppies in this post. Just sunshine and flowers. I usually don’t take photos in this spot in the afternoon for the very reason that the sun shines through the railing and  trees, making lots of crazy shadows. But there’s something about the first sunny, 80 degree day of the spring/summer that makes a girl want to put on a floral skirt and pose awkwardly with her tripod on her balcony. Am I right, ladies?

So who cares that sometimes the sun’s bouncing off my skin in all its super white glory, and 2 inches away another part of me is hiding in the shadows? It’s times like this I’m really glad I made my blog about real life and not perfection. Not that I’m not perfect. It’s just the sun that’s flawed. No amount of Clinique will get rid of those sun spots.

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Get Away with Print Mixing at Work

workprints1 workprints2 workprints3 workprints4 workprints5 workprints6

I wasn’t satisfied with the lack of wind on my balcony, so I rang the wind chimes myself. I don’t mean to diss Mother Nature, but it sounded just as good when I did it.

So anyway, as everyone knows already, I’m obsessed with print mixing. If you’re one of those people who think everything has to match, you should turn around and run screaming from this blog. Because it’s pure print madness up in herr.

I got this polka dot blouse and this floral skirt around the same time last month, and I liked the idea of wearing them together for work. I was worried it might be too “out there” for the office, so I added the gray sweater. I think the fact that the two prints aren’t right up against each other keeps it subtle enough. Notice I said subtle enough, because we all know my version of subtle dressing is completely divorced from most of the world around me.

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Get Inspired: Jeans, Leather, & Stripes

leatherstripes1 leatherstripes2 leatherstripes3 leatherstripes4 leatherstripes5 leatherstripes6 leatherstripes7

I have Julia of Gal Meets Glam to thank for this outfit idea. No seriously…thank you, Julia. At this point I am out of ideas and just waiting for the day I get to unpack my summer clothes. Then you came along and wore an outfit made of things I already have and love! Easy peasy.

A lesson for all of us: No matter how awesome you are at dressing yourself – and I am pretty damn awesome – you can always get fun ideas from other equally awesome people. But I guess you guys already know that, because why else would you be following my blog? You guys are the smartest. Well done.

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Let’s Go To the Mall…Today!

Another day, another Robin Scherbatsky reference.

jeansheels1 jeansheels2 jeansheels3 jeansheels4 jeansheels5 jeansheels6

I really love wearing heels with jeans, but I don’t get to do it much. I wear plenty of jeans on school days, when it would be silly and impractical to wear heels; and I wear plenty of heels on work days, when I’m not allowed to wear jeans. Sure, there are weekends, but I’m a big ol’ nerd who stays home studying on weekends. Except when I go to a fun little fashion show at the mall.

Now, normally I don’t wear heels to the mall, but a fashion show – even if it’s just at my local Macy’s – is the best excuse I have to sport a fun outfit like this. And if you didn’t get enough of an opportunity to drool over these shoes last time I wore them, consider this your second chance.


Oh my gosh, how did this photo get in here?! No big deal, just a shot of me and my buddy Nick Verreos. If you didn’t catch my interview with him last week, be sure to check it out here. He was a hoot!

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Sarah v. Mother Nature: Round 2

pinkskirt1 pinkskirt2 pinkskirt3 pinkskirt4 pinkskirt5

I thought maybe I could coax spring out of hiding if I wore my new bright pink linen skirt. Perhaps you can tell by my matching bright pink nose, but my plan did not work. It was 28 degrees. That one picture where I’m smiling is really just an attempt to hide my despair. I’m thinking about how great it will be when I’m not outside anymore and I can be happy again.

Sigh. Mother Nature wins another round.

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Sarah v. Mother Nature

neonstripes1 neonstripes2 neonstripes3 neonstripes4 neonstripes5 neonstripes6

You’d think the many hours a week I spend reading and highlighting textbooks would make me avoid neon colors in the rest of my life. But no, I went right for this highlighter yellow colorblock top and wore it with bright pink lipstick. This outfit seemed perfect for a brisk yet sunny day. And it was…Until brisk and sunny turned into DARK and SNOWY.

OK, the dark part wasn’t really a surprise. But the snow is not welcome in March! It should be spring, and I am going to make it spring with my neon colors! You hear that, Mother Nature? You won this round, but I’ll be back.

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