Holy Ship!

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Once upon a time, I didn’t live 5 minutes from an H&M. It was this magical place  I only got to go when I visited a big city, and I had to buy a zillion things because they didn’t ship within the U.S. and who knows when I would go again. Not the greatest plan, but it’s all I had. Now that I live in Indianapolis, I can shop at H&M whenever I want without making impulse buys, which is a much better situation. Still, now I have city girl guilt (a term I just made up) when I sport my H&M duds on the blog or out of town because I know not everyone has access to them.

Too bad they don’t ship in the U.S.

Wait, what’s that you say, Sarah? They DO ship in the U.S.?! Since when?


YES. Stop having an imaginary conversation with me. It’s true. As of today, August 1st, all y’all Amurricans can order online at www.HM.com/us.

Even more exciting (for me mostly) is that I get to help make this announcement as the official State Style Blogger Ambassador for Indiana. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Basically, H&M picked bloggers from each of the 50 states to help put the word out about the online shop AND about a the “50 States of Fashion” promotional contest, where you have a chance to win H&M gift cards and even a trip to NYC!

So here goes:

To enter the 50 States of Fashion contest, just Instagram a pic of yourself wearing something(s) from H&M and tag it with #HMShopOnline[XX]. The [XX] is where you put your state abbreviation. So for example, when I Instagram one of the photos above, I will use the hashtag #HMShopOnlineIN. If you live in New York, you’ll use #HMShopOnlineNY. You get the idea. I’d also love for you to tag me (@sarahsreallife) in your caption so I can check out all your entries and vote for them, but that’s optional of course!

All the photo entries will populate on H&M’s 50 States of Fashion website, where people can vote for their favorites over the course of 3 weeks. You can find all the nitty gritty details here.

Or if Instagram contests aren’t your thing, you can just shop. No hashtags required.

Have fun!

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*Jacket and shoes courtesy of H&M.

I Take Pictures of Stuff


Did you know that you can follow your favorite blogger on Instagram?! You can!

And while you’re at it, you can also follow me.

If you’ve been reading Sarah’s Real Life for awhile, you might remember I used to do a post every week or two called “My Week in Over-Processed Photos” where I shared my Instagrams. Then I took a reader poll and found out that while a lot of people liked that series, the majority of readers could take it or leave it. So I stopped.

For those who miss seeing my quirky snapshots (or who never saw them in the first place), consider this your official invitation to follow me on Instagram (@sarahsreallife)! And I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a damn good Instagrammer. I’m not one of those people who will post a blurry, dark, drunk picture of me and five friends. Mostly because I don’t have five friends, but also because I’m a super classy iPhonographer.

Here are some examples of my work for your review:







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My [January] in Over-Processed Photos

We’re a twelfth of the way through the year already! Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from January. Enjoy your weekend, everyone. That’s an order.20130201-215423.jpg

These shoes just arrived from Sole Society! Naturally, it’s supposed to snow all weekend so these suede babies will be staying inside where it’s safe and dry for a few days.


The new semester is already in full swing. Here’s my super official intern ID, a couple scenes from my lap while studying, and my new travel mug (if law school doesn’t make you a coffee drinker, nothing will.)


This squirrel somehow got onto my balcony and couldn’t figure out how to get down. Coco was intrigued to say the least! The two of them stared each other down for a good five minutes.


This is a tasty chocolate mousse my friend Sam made for a dinner party (where I wore this outfit).


There’s Kristin enjoying her birthday fondu; a shot of the Sample Gates on my visit to Bloomington; delicious treats at See’s Candies; and a smiley face that magically appeared at the bottom of my soup!


Just got these sunnies from Madewell with a gift card I got for Christmas. Aren’t they so adorably retro? And mint…which is probably the main reason I love them.

My Week in Over-Processed Photos

Despite spending most of my time studying for finals, I’ve actually snuck in a good amount of fun, mostly of the Christmas cheer variety. Here’s what’s been going on in my life the past week or so…


Making Christmas cookies; Lurking behind the mistletoe; Our Christmas tree; Coco being a creepster while I’m trying to study


Me and my woman at a Christmas party; Wrapping presents; Coco keeping me company while I work; Studying at Starbucks (and they spelled my name right!)

My [Month] in Over-Processed Photos

Hard to believe it’s the last day of November, huh? No, not really. November started 29 days ago, so this seems like the most obvious outcome. I didn’t do a weekly photo round up this month, so I’m cramming all the over-processed cliched pictures from November into one post. Let’s see what I was up to the past month, shall we?


I bought a pair of fancy rainboots and then it never rained again; I ate blueberry pancakes; I went to the art museum; I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at Black Market


I hung out with my adorable cat who is not good at opening her eyes; I had a margarita on laundry night; I watched my two favorite teams play basketball; I watched my wife make me breakfast


I pointed at a baby


I looked at another baby (these were just 2 of the 3 that were born to my friends in a span of 4 days…craziness)


I fought a cold with hot chocolate (and I won); I saw some pretty lights; I saw some big snowflakes; and I admired the Christmas tree that is now up and twinkling in my apartment!

Have a great December, everyone!

MWOPP: Baby Shower Edition

For some reason, all my friends got knocked up at the same time. I went to a baby shower yesterday, and another one the Sunday before that. As a general rule, I don’t like baby showers because I have no interest in (a) babies or (b) being in a room full of women talking about babies. But because I am such a good friend, I go to these damn parties and do my best to have a good time. Honestly, these two weren’t so bad. Shower #1 had a cool theme (and booze), and shower #2 had great food (and booze). So without further ado, an ode to my favorite pregnant people:

Katie’s Shower


Katie’s shower had a celebrity magazine theme, so the tables were decorated with baby-related magazine articles, and there was a red carpet and backdrop set up so Katie could take pictures with everyone. Then everyone got a framed copy of their photo as a little souvenir…Here’s ours:

20121026-221944.jpgLydia’s Shower


Lydia’s shower was small and also included brunch with some amazing food: fruit salad, mini cheesecakes, egg souffle, cheesy potato casserole, and mimosas. The highlight of this party was the cake decorating fail. It was supposed to say “Hooray Lydia!” but instead the grocery store bakery employee wrote “Hurry! Lydia” But really, the sentiment is still appropriate. I think Lydia more than anyone is in a hurry to get that baby out of her.

Oh yeah, and then there were baby presents and stuff. Yada yada.

Finally, let me just point out how super smokin’ hot these pregnant ladies are, and I’d like to state for the record that – even though I think babies are pointless, unproductive members of society – I am happy for my friends. I look forward to meeting the little ones…when they start high school.

My Week in Over-Processed Photos

The view on my way home from vacation last weekend

…but coming home’s not so bad.


Pretty yellow leaves on campus; Busting out the slippers…it got chilly in my apartment!; Window art on my balcony door; “Baking” Halloween cookies

Friday manicure: sparkly mint statement nail

Pumpkins at our front door!

Hope everyone had a great week. If you didn’t, well…do better next time. You know what might help? Following me on Bloglovin’.

My (Vacation) Week in Over-Processed Photos

I have lots of fun photos this week from vacation! Today I’m headed back to reality (a.k.a. Indianapolis). Let’s reminisce, shall we?


A mosaic at the Orlando airport; Double Rainbow! (which appeared in my honor, of course); Learning the local laws; A fountain dyed pink for breast cancer awareness


Lots of Spanish moss – so pretty!


Kristin’s grandpa setting up a game of pool; Golf carts parked along the street (that’s how the old folks roll in the Villages, FL); Shopping for bamboo jewelry; Kristin and her grandma playing pickle ball


Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom


Metal palm trees in Tomorrowland


Beginning of the polo match; Me stomping the divots (like in Pretty Woman!); Sipping my vodka cran, watching the game; A beautiful day for watching polo (or anything outside)


A teeny tiny adorable little frog I found! I love the Florida wildlife.

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My First Week of Autumn in Over-Processed Photos


Fresh (as in fresh from the Target bakery) bread and a bottle of Spanish wine for Emmy-watching last Sunday


I really like this picture. Just some fallen leaves on the street in my neighborhood.


More autumn leaves around my apartment and a beetle that was waiting outside my door for me (I named him George, but he also looks like he could be a Paul)


Another great thing about fall: themed candy


The panel of local photographers at the Pattern meetup from Wednesday (see what I wore here)


And I’ll leave you with this especially adorable picture of Coco. She was totally posing for this one.

MWOPP: It’s Fall!

This week’s over-processed photos are fall-tastic! Hope that everyone had a great week and that you’re enjoying the change in seasons…


Playing with an early fall leaf


Pumpkin spice latte with my studies; Sweetening probably the last strawberries for the year; Latest polka dot manicure; Coco making a psycho kitty face


Simple autumnal breakfast at home: pumpkin muffin and breakfast blend from my Keurig (I was pretty proud of the composition of this photo – cool, right?)


And the most exciting news of the week…My best friend is getting married and she set a date! Now I have something to look forward to at the end of next summer.