Back in the Day





OK, the leaf picture might have been staged. But I’m excited for fall.


20120919-213006.jpgWhen I was in high school, the goal was to wear jeans with the lowest rise possible, and the only reason to tie your shirt was to show off your pink cubic zirconia belly button ring. (I didn’t have a belly button ring, but I probably wanted one at the time.)

If you had told me in 2002 that in ten years I would be wearing this outfit, I would have thought I turned into a major nerd. And I would be right, BUT my nerdiness is entirely separate from this outfit choice. The outfit is smart, not nerdy. In my old (relatively) age, I now realize that high-waisted bottoms make my short legs look longer, even in flats. And speaking of short, often times shirt hems and sleeves are overwhelming on me; cuffing the sleeves and knotting in the front fixes that problem! Live and learn.

Nerdy High-rise jeans available at Madewell