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When fall comes, I get so excited about layering again. I mean I love clothes, so the more I get to wear, the better. But after a few months, the excitement wears off. It’s kind of like marriage (juuuuust kidding, honey).

So to switch things up, I try to make some more creative and unexpected layering choices. One of my favorites is wearing a cardigan as a shirt (fully buttoned) with a layer over it like a vest or jacket. Did I just rock your whole world? If I did, you probably need a hobby, because a button-up cardigan is really not that exciting. Except when it’s zebra print.

Oh, and the repeat item is this vest! I have the Take One, Pass it On challenge to thank for inspiring my layering adventures today. And since I invented the Take One challenge, I guess I can thank myself. Good job, me.

Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Cardigan // similar Vest // Jeans // Belt // similar Spike Bracelet // similar Flower Bracelet // Shoes // Lipstick “No. 16 Pourpre Preview”

Channelling Mrs. O

lace1 lace2 lace3 lace4 lace5 lace6

Now that I have bangs…and my J. Crew flats…and I’m on the way to being a lawyer…I’m pretty much the First Lady, right? I mean all I have to do is grown 6 inches and be black. We’re practically twins.

P.S. Did you spot my repeat item of the day? It’s a little more subtle this time. See yesterday’s post to figure it out!

Shirt: Ann Taylor (similar)

Jacket: Mod.lusive via Nordstrom

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: J. Crew

Necklace: Target

Belt: Madewell

Double Duty: Dotted Tank and Pink Cardi



I realized that this summer I’ve worn skirts, dresses, and shorts much more than I have in years past. This realization made me very concerned for the self-esteem of my pants. I hope they know I still love them. But the best way to make pants feel loved is to wear them. And so I did.

In fact, I wore TWO pairs of pants in one day. That’s right…we’ve got a double duty post on our hands today (see the last one here). The first outfit, which you have already admired, was what I wore to work. What you are getting ready to admire below is how I switched it up to go out for my birthday pizza at Mellow Mushroom.


Before and After…


Dotted tank available at LOFT

Editor pants are old, but still available in various colors/styles at Express

Mint belt available at J. Crew

High rise jeans from Madewell, same or similar ones are still available I think

Don’t forget to check out the outfit challenge (it’s not a contest – everyone’s a “winner” as long as you participate before Friday this week)!