Keepin’ It Real





If you’ve read my “about” page, you know that I am alllll about keepin’ it real for you here at Sarah’s Real Life. You know that every outfit I show you here is something I actually wore. But I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that on week days I normally take my photos in the evening (when the light is best) after I get home for the day. That means my clothes have been scrunched up after sitting in cars and at desks all day.

Usually I don’t look too bad, but you might notice in the photos above that I’m doing my best to block your view of my knees and my crotchal region. Well, these are new pants and it turns out the fabric gets pretty easily stretched out and wrinkled. If I give you the full frontal, it looks like this:


Kind of a bummer, but it’s not like I can’t still wear them. They’re pretty comfortable (especially since they stretched out), and the cropped length is perfect. The color comes across yellowish in these pictures, but they’re actually more lime green. They’re just so bright and happy!

And…back to awesome:


Wrinkly pants purchased recently at United Colors of Benetton

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Bach Bash






I wore this Saturday night for my friend Chrissy’s bachelorette party. It was fun without being TOO out of control! There was limo-riding, bar-hopping and tipsy-dancing involved. I know this get-up isn’t exactly your typical “night-out-with-the-girls” look, but if I dressed typically, what would be the point of having a style blog?

I felt totally awesome in this skirt, even if I was one of the only girls at these bars with a hem line more than 2 inches below my lady bits. It’s impossible not to make an entrance in this skirt because the fabric billows around me and every once in a while you get a glimpse of some thigh. See, girls? It’s true what they say about leaving something to the imagination. Don’t show all your goods at once.

So the next time you’re deciding what to wear to go out on a Saturday night, think about your dear friend Sarah. Put down the strapless LBD that some might mistake for a lost legwarmer, and pick up a beautiful and flattering maxi skirt (and throw in some polka dots for good measure).

Skirt available at Zara

Madewell tee in black & white is no longer available online, but similar one here, also Madewell

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Time Crunch




20120801-182803.jpgI bought this dress a few weeks ago and hadn’t gotten around to wearing it until yesterday. It’s cute and quite flattering on its own, but I wanted to wear it to work with some kind of jacket or cardigan over it. Well. After staying up until midnight watching women’s gymnastics (yay USA! but sorry Russia…those girls looked so sad), I was sleepy and running late on Wednesday morning. I had grand plans to find something unique to pair with this dress, but I had approximately negative 7 mintues to figure it out, and I think the time crunch messed with my head. I didn’t like anything I tried on, so I fell back on my trusty white cardigan. The same thing happened with accessories…so I ended up with simple silver earrings and necklace, and my new white Anne Klein watch.

I was kinda meh about this outfit and disappointed with myself in the morning, but as the day went on, it kinda grew on me. I mean it might not be the greatest thing I’ve ever worn, but I can’t be awesome every day – OK, who am I kidding; I totally can.

So here’s the question: Do you keep changing until your outfit is perfect, no matter how late it makes you? Or do you come to your senses, tell yourself to stop being ridiculously vain, and get the hell out of the house?

Dress purchased recently at TJ Maxx

Anne Klein watch available at Nordstrom

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Today my blog is being featured on Long Live Classy, so it seems appropriate that I have a classy outfit to show you on this lovely last day of July.

I just ordered this sweater from J. Crew Factory (and a v-neck one in spearmint, which is what made me think to wear this necklace). I’m always on the hunt for cotton sweaters in simple, flattering shapes but in fun colors. Because basic black is for funerals. Actually, I think I will ban people from wearing black at my funeral. If you wear black, I will haunt you. Everyone must come pay their respects dressed in pretty colors and accessories. Wait, what was I talking about? Right, sweaters. I like them. Happy Tuesday!

Sweater available at J. Crew Factory in lots of pretty colors

Anne Klein watch available at Nordstrom

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76 Trombones…In the Navy






I thought this jacket was so cool when I got it, and once I tried to actually incorporate it into an outfit, I realized it’s nearly impossible to wear it without looking like I am either in the navy or in a marching band. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things, but as I am neither a seaman nor a trumpet player, I sort of feel like I’m wearing a costume.

This predicament has led to my not wearing the jacket very much. But sometimes when I see a neglected piece of clothing in my closet, I just have to force myself to wear it in order to decide if I want to keep it. So today was this lucky little jacket’s day to see the world. I threw caution to the wind, wore my costume out in public (to work, at that) and I actually got a few compliments! Congrats, jacket. You get to stay.

And on another note, I realized that it’s been a while since I wore 4″ heels. I know because my knees told me. They are out of stiletto shape. I’ve been wearing a lot of flats and wedges recently, and apparently that extra inch really makes a difference (ladies, am I right? wait, get your mind out of the gutter…even though I put it there). In fact, I’m so out of shape that while trying to pose for these outfit photos, I stumbled rather dramatically. And when I say dramatically, I mean:



Working for the Weekend





On this particular day (casual Friday – woo hoo!) I was sporting what my sister would call “big country hair.” In the South, this would actually be kind of flat, but by my standards, it’s big country hair. I thought about wearing my daisy dukes and confederate flag crop top, but then I remembered that I don’t own those things. Plus, I don’t think they would be work appropriate. Just a hunch.

I do believe this ensemble is work appropriate, however. And this would totally be one of those outfits they show in a magazine as something that could go from day to evening (“just take a clutch!”), but as I am an old lady who stays home and watches Pretty Little Liars on Netflix on Friday nights, it was just a particularly sassy work outfit.

Top: Kensie / Jeans: Seven / Necklace: LOFT / Bracelet: What to Wear Boutique / Shoes: Nine West