There are lots of places people get style inspiration: magazines, store mannequins, awesome blogs like this one…But sometimes I think inspiration can sneak into your brain without your realizing it.

Exhibit A: One night earlier this week, I watched like 4 old episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix. You can judge me if you want, but I love that ridiculous show. The next day, I got ready for work, saw myself in the mirror and thought, “Hmm, when did Lily van der Woodsen go brunette? Oh wait, that’s me.”

Unfortunately, I did not have Lily van der Woodsen’s wallet…just her typical shift dress, statement necklace, and sleek low bun. I did enjoy being a chic Upper East Sider for a day though. Next week I’m headed back to school so I have to wear my “dress up” clothes and heels while I can! 

XOXO – Gossip Girl. I mean…Sarah

P.S. You have a whole day to finish the outfit challenge!