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Why, hello there! Long time, no outfit, huh? I hope you didn’t miss me too much during my 4-day hiatus (that’s a long one for me). Sadly, my grandma died last Thursday, and my meticulously planned schedule went out the window when I had to fly to North Carolina for the funeral. Normally, I’m glued to my phone and/or computer, always editing photos and writing posts and updating social media no matter how busy I am with other things. But when I was back home with my family, sharing tissues and happy memories, blogging was the farthest thing from my mind.

I know everyone thinks their grandma was the best, but mine seriously was. So even though I’m pretty sure my grandma didn’t know what a blog was, today’s post is dedicated to her. When I was a little girl and I put on a dress to go to church, my grandma would always gush over how “darling” I looked. At the time, I hated it because I didn’t want to look darling – I wanted to look grown-up! But when I put on this dress on Saturday, I couldn’t help but imagine my grandma telling me how darling I looked – and I would have loved to hear it!

Alright, I’m not wearing waterproof mascara, so that’s enough of that for now. Because of my long absence, I’m extending the Flourish Boutique giveaway through the end of the day today (Thursday). Be sure to enter!

Dress (on sale) // Necklace (under $5!) // similar Bag // similar Shoes (on sale)

Black & White (plus a dash of neon)

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I know black and white is supposed to be a big trend these days (I read that on the interwebs), and I tried my best, but I’m simply incapable of not wearing any color. This is probably the closest I’ll ever get. But you have to admit – the belt totally makes the outfit, right? Agreed. You guys totally get me.

similar Top (on sale) // another similar Top (on sale) // Jeans // similar Belt // similar Sandals (on sale) // Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Bracelet // Lipstick “Romantic”

Sheath Dress & Sandals

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Another day, another blue dress. I realized recently I have a lot of blue dresses. But I also realized that I really love the color blue, and I also really love dresses. And there’s nothing wrong with having extras of things you like, right? That’s the point of a baker’s dozen. Thirteen cookies is always better than twelve.

This particular blue dress came into my possession thanks to LuckyB Boutique, an adorable shop here in Indianapolis (in Broad Ripple, for you locals). Now that I have more than a baker’s dozen worth of readers, I’m excited to use my immense popularity to draw attention to local businesses. If you live in the Indy area, be sure to check out LuckyB! I feel like a big ol’ dummy for not knowing about it sooner. And even if you don’t live around here, no worries – they’re online too.

I’m excited to wear this dress with heels and an updo, but because I’m totally impatient with new clothes, I just had to take for a spin at work in a slightly more demure fashion (I wore the cardigan most of the day).

Dress* // similar Cardigan // similar Shoes // similar Necklace // Watch // Lips “Punch Drunk”

*LuckyB Boutique gifted me this dress for my review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Breaking the Rules

Navy & Brown - Sarah's Real Life Navy & Brown - Sarah's Real Life Navy & Brown - Sarah's Real Life Navy & Brown - Sarah's Real Life Navy & Brown - Sarah's Real Life Navy & Brown - Sarah's Real Life

I guess there’s a fashion rule about wearing black and brown or black and navy together. Is there a rule against navy and brown together? If there is, I’m totally breaking it. And I’m going to write to my Congressman proposing an amendment to the Fashion Constitution. And while they’re amending, they might as well repeal the “no white after Labor Day” rule too. Oh and I’ll throw in a little something about making it unconstitutional for states to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples (maybe if I sneak that in with the fashion stuff they won’t notice). Thank you and good day.

similar Dress (on sale) // similar Belt // similar Bag (on sale) // similar Shoes (on sale)

Finally Out of the Closet (My Dress, That Is)

artfair1 artfair2 artfair3artfair7

artfair5 artfair6

You know how when you were a little kid and you got new shoes, you were so excited you wore them out of the store and watched your feet as you walked? That love of shopping never really wore off on me. That’s probably a bad thing, but lets look at it as cute and romantic instead of narcissistic and obsessive, K? Great.

I don’t normally wear things out of the store anymore, but I often wear them the very next day. This dress, you guys…I bought it in February. As in 3 months ago.

This dress is a piece from the Prabal Gurung for Target collection that I bought on the day it came out when it was still going to be negative a million degrees for the foreseeable future. As you know, I have nothing against winterizing dresses, but there was just something about this one (maybe the fact that the colors remind me of a watermelon) that made me want to debut it without the distraction of tights or a cardigan.

Well I think it was worth the wait because this was the perfect dress to wear to the Broad Ripple Art Fair over the weekend. The only downside (for you guys) is that the dress is no longer available, but I did my best to link you to similar options below 🙂

similar Dress #1 // similar Dress #2 // similar Dress #3 // similar Sunglasses // similar Bag (on sale) // similar Shoes // Lipstick “Corail in Touch”

Sunshine, Flowers, and Puppies

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OK, full disclosure. There aren’t any puppies in this post. Just sunshine and flowers. I usually don’t take photos in this spot in the afternoon for the very reason that the sun shines through the railing and  trees, making lots of crazy shadows. But there’s something about the first sunny, 80 degree day of the spring/summer that makes a girl want to put on a floral skirt and pose awkwardly with her tripod on her balcony. Am I right, ladies?

So who cares that sometimes the sun’s bouncing off my skin in all its super white glory, and 2 inches away another part of me is hiding in the shadows? It’s times like this I’m really glad I made my blog about real life and not perfection. Not that I’m not perfect. It’s just the sun that’s flawed. No amount of Clinique will get rid of those sun spots.

Skirt // Cardigan (extra 30% off w/ code SALE30) // Necklace // similar Shoes (on sale) // similar Sunglasses // Nails “Mint Candy Apple” // Lipstick “Pourpre Preview”


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Unlike normal people who go to brunch on Sunday, Sarah the lame law student (that’s me) usually stays home and studies all weekend.

But when one of my best college friends says, “hey, I’m leaving for China in a month,” I have to take a break to brunch and shop. And brunch and shop we did. Those red velvet pancakes were way better than the bagel I would have had at home.

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of brunch experience, I didn’t know the dress code, but I figured it was a good time to wear this new dress (which I put on my spring shopping list). It’s too chilly to bare my arms yet, so I wore it as a skirt. When I tried it on, I was really excited about how great it is for twirling. Obviously that’s an important quality in a dress because of all the twirling I do.


See? Twirling. Goes perfectly with brunching.

Dress // similar Shirt // Sunglasses // similar Sandals

Simple Clothes and New Adventures



Yesterday was another fun-filled day of vacation in Florida. I drove a golf cart (and rode in a golf cart) for the first time. I didn’t play golf per se, but I did learn to putt a little bit and rode around the course and watched. In case you’ve ever wondered if watching golf in person is any more exciting than it is on TV, the answer is: not really. But I don’t think anybody’s into golf for the thrill.

In the evening, we went to a little pond and fed birds and turtles. Painfully cute, right? 🙂




Pants: LOFT

Saturday Night Sequins


Do you ever find yourself thinking, “What should I wear for an evening out at a VIP cabana at a lake-side Italian restaurant with a wading pool?” Of course you don’t, because who does that? Well, this weekend, did. It was quite the sartorial conundrum, but I think I pulled it off.





The sequins say “I’m here to party,” but the linen shorts say “I’m laid back” and also “it’s freakin’ hot outside.”


Me and my stylish ladies, living the VIP life for a night.


Delicious bruschetta and some of the many drinks ordered Saturday night 🙂

Top: August Silk / Shorts: Madewell / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bangles: Nordstrom / Clutch: Lulu