Pin to Real Life Outfit #4


Left image source: AJ Wears Clothes (used with permission)

pinaj2 pinaj3 pinaj4 pinaj5

Here’s what’s up, people.

Number 1: It’s the 4th of July, so happy ‘Murrica day, y’all! Freedom. Democracy. Obesity. Etcetera.

Number 2: Today I’m showing you an outfit inspired by a look I pinned from the blog AJ Wears Clothes. Meanwhile, yesterday AJ herself joined the Pin to Real Life challenge (you can find her link below). It’s kind of like blog incest, but AJ’s from Arkansas, so it’s all good. Yeah, I went there.

I hope everyone enjoys their (hopefully long) weekend! With all the spare time you have, why not visit some of the other #PinToRealLife bloggers?

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