Weekend Reading

I took the weekend off from outfit posting because I’m in Bloomington on an epic anniversary celebration! If you want to see what I’m up to, you can check out my Instagram feed.

In the meantime, I was picked for Independent Fashion Bloggers’ weekly Links à la Mode again, so for your reading pleasure on this lovely Sunday, here are all the other posts that were chosen. Some of them might even be as good as mine.

links a la mode

On a Trend Bender

Summer is actually the best time to play around with trends. You know why? Because summer is the the best time play around in general! With all the bold colors and prints, the great summer sales, and gorgeous weather, it’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit of going bold. This week’s roundup has wonderful links to get you in the mindset to try new trends, even ones you don’t think you’d look good in. We’ve even got a great DIY for leather shorts, if you’re crafty and don’t want to shell out the dough for a store-bought pair. And even if you’re not crafty, there’s a great guide to hitting the summer sales. If you’re anything like me, it’s too easy to get caught up in a good deal, so I need all the help I can get not to overspend. Anyway, here are the links for the week. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode: July 25th, 2013


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VIP status…or something

cwonder1 cwonder2 cwonder3 cwonder4

A new C. Wonder store opened at the mall down the street from me last week, and I was invited to the “VIP” opening party. Apparently the VIP threshold is very low because I received no less than three separate invitations to this thing, which I guess makes me an extra VIP. Of course, despite the triple invitation, my name was still not on the list when I got there, but luckily they didn’t give me much trouble. I assume it was this adorable outfit that made me look like I belonged.

So once I went in, I immediately noticed that everyone in the store had a wine glass in their hand, but I couldn’t figure out where those wine glasses came from. It was really crowded, so I just started wandering around hoping to see someone I knew and to eventually find the source of the booze. I cannot even tell you how many times I circled this place sans drink, sans friends, and sans cell phone service, but it took at least 30 minutes.

I seriously considered leaving, but then I finally got my hands on a cocktail. Now I don’t mean to suggest that I have to drink to have a good time. It’s just that if you get invited to something that has “VIP” in the title (but is really just a ploy to get you to spend money), you should at least get some perks.

So I had a couple drinks and loosened up enough to enjoy the fun music, talk to a few people, and pick out a couple things to take home with me (don’t judge…everything was 20% off).



All in all, I am glad I went (and stayed). I just wish I could have avoided the awkward part at the beginning. So there you have it folks – the fabulous (real) life of a fashion blogger.

similar Shirt (on sale) // similar Skirt (on sale) // Bracelet // similar Bag // Lipstick “Orange de Chine”

IFB Link Love

Fun news today! A Sarah’s Real Life post was featured (for the second time…humble brag) on Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode this week. Bloggers submit links every week, and IFB looks at all of them and picks 20 to feature. Part of the fun is that all 20 bloggers post the roundup so all of our readers can maybe discover some new blogs.

So if you have a few spare minutes, click through to some of these other posts! I mean, if they were good enough to be featured with the likes of moi, they can’t be half bad, right?


Always Be Prepared

It may well be the Scout Motto, but any good fashionista knows that preparation is the key to impeccable style. Whether it be DIYing the latest fashion trends, beautifying yourself, finding the best deals, studying up on classic prints, or getting everything ready for the oncoming season, for most of us it actually takes a lot of effort to carry of that effortless chic. This week’s roundup has almost everything you need to get your summer preparation going so you can have a wonderfully chic season!

Links à la Mode: May 30th

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Blooper Reel


After my 2012 year-end “outtakes” post was a big hit, I decided I should do them more often in 2013. Well, I’m officially on spring break and I’m ready to let loose and show you a few snippets of silliness from some recent outfit photo shoots.

These are just a few of many ridiculous photos I have stored up to share with you in the future. I’m talking ridiculous hair, ridiculous faces, and ridiculous poses. Sometimes all at once. I’m multi-talented.

I’m really good at rolling my eyes dramatically:


But I’m not so good at figuring out a long purse strap:


No worries. I’ll just kick up my heels. Literally:


I’ve started posting bloopers on my Facebook Page to get some input on funny captions for future outtakes posts. So if you’ll “like” my page, you will (1) make me feel loved, and (2) get to make fun of me to my face. It’s win-win.

Have a good weekend!

Take One, Pass it On: Week 4

Here it is, the roundup of outfits from the last week of my Take One, Pass it On remix challenge. See all my repeats side by side, and check out the other ladies’ links at the bottom.

week4a week4b week4c week4d week4e week4f week4g

New #TakeOne Bloggers This Week:

Finished Up the Month!:

Last week, I accidentally left someone out, so if you did the remix challenge this past week (posted between Feb. 24 and March 1), just leave a comment with your link and I will add it! Please and thank you. Have a lovely weekend!

Take One, Pass it On: Week 3

The February remix adventure is already 75% done! Time has flown. Here are the past week’s outfits lined up for your review. Be sure to check out the other bloggers’ links at the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who’s been trying my little experiment, and I hope I keep seeing more of you awesome ladies.

week3a week3b week3c week3d week3e week3f week3g

New #TakeOne Bloggers This Week:

Still Going Strong:

Take One, Pass it On: Week 1

You guys. I completed the first week of Take One, Pass it On with flying colors! Well…there were a lot of colors, but not a lot of flying. But one out of two ain’t bad. The first couple days were a bit of a struggle, but by the end of the week it got easier and pretty fun. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month.

Check out the first 7 outfits, lined up all nice and pretty with nifty labels so your brain doesn’t have to work so hard (it’s Saturday, after all):

week1a week1b week1c week1d week1e week1f

I’ve been blown away by the response to my remix idea (I mean knew it was awesome; I just didn’t know if other people were cool enough to recognize my genius). Here are a few other bloggers that are playing along already. I’m sure there will be more of you in the coming weeks!

Delusions of Grandeur

Happy Thursday, folks. Today Sarah’s Real Life is featured on the blog of a fellow petite and broke graduate student, Bonnie. Her blog is called Delusions of Grandeur, and she runs a series called Academically Inclined where she features stylish women of academia. That’s where I come in.

Take a moment to stop by Bonnie’s blog and see a round-up of a few of my favorite recent outfits, and of course see what else Bonnie has to offer (she’s adorable and I’m jealous of her hair).