Meow Mix 2013




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Welcome to 2013! New year, new outfits, new adventures, and a new camera to share them with you! It’s all very exciting.

You may remember the last time I wore this sweater and paired it with a leopard belt. I dubbed it “Meow Mix.” Well, this outfit is the sequel, featuring a new supporting actor: a leopard-band Timex watch I got for Christmas.

I don’t want to overwhelm your hungover brains with too much reading today, so I’ll leave this post short and sweet. But tune in tomorrow to see my NYE outfit! Follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter using the links on the menu bar above.

Sunglasses: Kate Spade (found these at TJ Maxx!)

Sweater: Ann Taylor, old (similar)

Scarf: Light Years

Watch: Timex

Bracelet: Stephan & Co.

Pants: JAG Jeans

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s, old

Dead Shoe-Wearers Society







I finally jumped on the Sole Society bandwagon with these adorable “Celine” shoes. I love how from the front they’re like “Oh, hey, I’m just a simple pair of shoes…no big deal…” and then from the back they’re like “BAM! I have a chartreuse heel! You didn’t see that coming, did you?” (A lot of my clothes talk to me. I’m like a wardrobe whisperer.)

In case you haven’t heard of or ordered from Sole Society, it’s one of those sites where you have to be a “member,” but you don’t have to give a credit card number (until you purchase, obviously), and you can opt out of e-mails so they don’t bug you. I’m happy with my first purchase, so I’m sure I’ll make more. If you’re interested in seeing the selection, sign up here.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the end of 2012! Take THAT, Mayans!

Plaid shirt: Madewell, old (similar)

Sweater: LOFT, old (similar on sale)

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Sole Society (these are the “Celine” in Winter Taupe Citrine)

Necklace: Target

Pavé Link Bracelet: J. Crew

Earrings: Kate Spade

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time at All



On Saturday, Kristin and I went to see a special exhibition of Islamic art at the IMA. After all, what’s more Christmasy than learning about a culture that doesn’t celebrate Christmas?

The exhibition is really great (props to Brigham Young University Museum of Art, the organizing institution), so if you’re in the Indianapolis area, I highly recommend it. It’s open through January 13.

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed, so you’ll have to go to the museum yourself, or you can see a few highlights on BYU’s website (although thumbnail pictures don’t do this stuff justice!)

The prior day’s snow made for some good outfit photos…I felt like a little snow bunny in my cozy sweater!





I’ll be honest: I knew basically nothing about Islam before – and obviously one afternoon is not going to teach me everything there is to know about a centuries-old religion and culture – but I feel at least a little more familiar after this exhibition.

First of all, Arabic calligraphy is beautiful, and there are so many different styles. Some pieces looked so bold and avant-garde that I thought they were modern, but they were actually from the 18th century. Mind blown.

I also learned that while pictorial representations aren’t allowed in objects for religious/worshipping purposes, they are allowed for everyday, secular objects.

Islamic art also has a strong emphasis on pattern and rhythm. There are lots of repeating patterns, which parallel religious chants. The chants are considered “the heartbeat of Islam.” There was even one room of the exhibition that had a huge painting with a circular pattern and a chant was playing over the speakers. I seriously felt like I was going to be sucked into the middle of the painting. Mind blown. Again.

Oh, and there was jewelry! Big surprise here: I was drawn to the things you could wear. There was one really cool gold cuff that had three-dimensional doves all over it, and the inside had an Arabic inscription that said something like “joy and happiness to its owner.” Unfortunately, there were no cheap replicas of that bracelet in the gift shop, but there was this necklace, which Kristin and I bought together so we can share it:


Hopefully you can see in the picture that on top of the veins of the leaf, there’s some Arabic calligraphy. The translation is roughly: The best people are the ones that help other people.

So in case you’re one of those people that just associates Islam with terrorism, here’s the real deal…In the end, it comes down to the same philosophy as every other religion: Don’t be an asshole. There might be some difference of opinion on the details, but in the end…just don’t be an asshole. So for the love of Allah, let’s stop fighting about our differences and celebrate the ways we’re all the same.

I wish you all a happy and peaceful December 25th, whether or not you know it’s Christmas.

Love, Sarah


Turtleneck: Target, old

Dress: H&M, old but I’ve seen similar in stores recently

Sweater: Victoria’s Secret, old (similar here)

Boots: Aldo, old (similar here and here)

Necklace: J. Crew, old (similar here)

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful






20121221-223325.jpgIn a 24-hour period on Thursday, Indianapolis saw 50 degrees, 20 degrees, thunder, rain, snow, and 50+ mph winds. I’m not sure how else to deal with these conditions besides rain boots and half a sweater.

Yes, this is half a sweater. I’m not sure exactly what the designer/manufacturer was going for, but I was intrigued. I guess it was supposed to be like a shoulder warmer slash turtleneck slash short poncho? I got it in an XL (I normally wear an XS) so it fits more like a really big infinity scarf. I feel like I wouldn’t have liked it in my normal size. It would have been too constricting. Anyway, I got this thing a few years ago. Clearly it did not become a trend because I haven’t seen much like it. I don’t wear it very often, but the insane weather on the eve of the “apocalypse” seemed like a good occasion.

Shirt: Ann Taylor

Sweater thing: I.N.C. via Macy’s, old (similar here on sale, here in different colors)

Jeans: The Limited

Boots: Hunter

Watch: Anne Klein (similar)

Bracelets: Forever 21

Earrings: c/o Designs…By Patricia

P.S. Happy birthday to my mom!

So This is Christmas [Break]





20121218-155744.jpgEveryone, I have an announcement: I AM HALFWAY DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL.

That’s right, 3 out of 6 semesters are done! I am feeling pretty good right now. I feel even better thinking about the wonderful month-long break that is now officially underway. I was already in the Christmas spirit (I found gift shopping a good way to clear my head in between studying for exams), but now I am extra jolly!

After turning in my last take-home exam, I freshened myself up (in a Beatles t-shirt I stole from Kristin’s closet – thanks, love) for dinner, drinks, and a movie.

In case you’re wondering, we saw Silver Linings Playbook. Some parts were kind of slow moving, but Bradley Cooper was seriously amazing. Who would have guessed? Overall it was very good. At my theater, an elderly couple walked out less than halfway through. And any movie that offends old people is good in my book.

P.S. This outfit was inspired by this photo I pinned awhile back.

Coat: Victoria’s Secret, old (similar – on sale)

Tee: Junk Food

Cardigan: H&M (similar here and here)

Jeans: Express

Boots: Target

Necklace: Target

Bracelet: Forever 21

7 Ways to Wear Layers

In today’s edition of the world-famous (in my world anyway) How to Wear Series, I have for you a round-up of some of my favorite layered looks from the past few months! My layering used to be limited to cardigans over tank tops.

And I wore cardigans over tank tops like it was my job. In fact, I was the CEO of CardiTank, LLC. No I wasn’t. That’s not a real thing. It was actually TT&C, Inc., and I was COO.

Anywho, recently, I’ve been pushing myself to try more interesting combinations. As the weather is cooling down, there’s no better time to talk about piling on the clothes! Let’s do it!

1. Chambray + Cardigan

A nice mix of casual and preppy, but you can make it less preppy with a fun print like leopard. Leave the cardigan open or button it up (or somewhere in between).


2. Long-sleeve shirt + Dress

This works in almost any season. Just make sure the shirt doesn’t make any funny bulges under the dress. This is also a good chance to play with complementary prints.


3. Tights + Dress + Chunky Sweater

A dress becomes a skirt when you cover up the top half. It’ll be our little secret.


4. Leggings + Tunic Sweater + Vest

Any ol’ vest will do…sweater, puffer, or even fur. Just be sure you don’t make yourself overly bulky.


5. Oxford + Sweatshirt

This is one of my favorite combos, in case you can’t tell. A little collar and cuff make a sweatshirt look like real clothes instead of pajamas.


6. 3/4 Sleeve Shirt + Rolled up Cardigan + Belt

You didn’t think I was going to leave out cardigans altogether, did you? For something a little different, let the bottom layer peek out on all edges, and top with a belt.


7. Leggings + Dress + Boyfriend Cardigan

Winterize a summery tank dress by layering over and under.


Ta da!

So there you have it…that was a lot of layers. Kind of like those Pillsbury biscuits that are so amazing. Damn, now I want a biscuit. Well just one last thing (and it’s not breakfast food, sorry): A few items you can grab to make sure you’re ready to get your layer on this winter.
Layering Essentials
1. Chambray: Madewell, $69.50  //  2. Cardigan: Madewell, $85  //  3. Plaid shirt: J. Crew, $88
4. Turtleneck: Calvin Klein, $39  //  5. Belt: J. Crew, $19.99  //  6. Leggings: Target, $5
7. Sweatshirt: Zoe Karssen, $80  //  8. Vest: J. Crew, $138 //  9. Dress: Jigsaw London, $98
Add your favorite pair of jeans and you’d probably have about 4 million outfit combinations. Give or take. Here are a few:
  • 1 + 2 + 6
  • 3 + 6 + 2 + 5
  • 3 + 7 + jeans
  • 3 + 9 + 5
  • 4 + 9 + 8
  • 1 + 8 + jeans
  • 9 + 2 + 5

(You didn’t know we’d be doing math today, did you?! Any other good combos you would try?)

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Tweed + Polka Dots





20121205-155201.jpgThis was an outfit I wore last weekend to go out for some food and run some errands. Why am I showing you an outfit from 5 days ago? Because I’ve spent most of the week so far at home studying in my PJs. In fact, when was the last time I changed my PJs? I hope it was within the last 36 hours but I don’t remember. My life is so fabulous I can hardly stand it. You guys wish you were me, don’t you?

T-shirt: Madewell (similar)

Jacket: La Redoute, old (similar, currently 30% off with code FRIEND)

Jeans: Express

Belt: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Steve Madden, old (similar here, and here for under $20)

Necklace: Target

Bracelets: Madewell and Stephan & Co.

Watch: Anne Klein (on sale)

Orange You Glad I’m Wearing More Yellow?





20121113-105612.jpgThis yellow jacket is by far one of my favorite things in my wardrobe. And yet…It’s one of those pieces that makes such a statement and can only be worn in so many ways that I don’t bust it out very often. So when I do wear it, the day feels special. And also mustardy.

Also, some of you that follow me on Twitter saw that I splurged on a certain fancy beauty item last week (and Instagrammed it, of course, because if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen)…The lucky new product gracing my face is an Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Stain in an awesome orangey-red shade. 20121113-105623.jpgI had read nothing but glowing reviews of this product in magazines, but I never know how much to trust magazines…they could be sponsored or something. I don’t know. But I had a 20% off coupon for Sephora so I decided to go for it. So, you want to know my unsponsored thoughts? I thought so…

The picture below (and the ones above, for that matter) were taken around 4:30pm. The last time I had touched up my lips was after lunch, 12:30 or so. Since then I had eaten a granola bar, a medium fries from Wendy’s, and a Diet Coke. (I like to snack, OK?) The point is, this stuff sticks! It’s part gloss, part stain, so the gloss does rub off on your coffee cup, but the stain sticks around for awhile. For me, it’s a great combo because I like to use something glossy on my lips so they don’t feel dry, but I also hate it when I get through a meal or a drink and I’m left with just a red outline around my lips. You know what I’m talking about. Tacky. Basically, this stuff is the best of both worlds!

So Santa, if you’re listening, I wouldn’t mind another color.


Most awesome jacket ever: I.N.C. (Macy’s), old…sorry! but see some other great mustard options here, here, and here

Jeans: Seven

Boots: Madden Girl (similar here and here)

Lips: YSL Glossy Stain No. 8 Orange de Chine

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The Bee’s Knees







20121112-180906.jpgI really love the look of socks peeking out above knee-high boots, especially with bare legs and a skirt. But if we’re being practical (and we are for once), there really is a small temperature range where this combo is wearable. Too hot, and you have swamp calves. Too cold, and you get frost bite only on your knees, which I imagine being more awkward than just having straight up frost bite everywhere.

But lucky for me and my lucky knees, this past Saturday had a high in the upper 60s, and I was comfortable wearing this on my field trip to the apple orchard even as the sun went down. Success! And I was having a great hair day. DOUBLE SUCCESS!

Sweater: Target, old (similar)

Skirt: Webster Miami for Target (similar)

Boots: Matisse, old (similar)

Watch: Anne Klein (similar)

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A Visitor





Thursday was one of those study-at-Starbucks-then-drink-margaritas-and-do-laundry days, and this is what I wore. Oh, do other people not have those kinds of days? How unfortunate. Unfortunate for whom? I’m not sure. But I am sure that it was dark by the time I got home, hence the romantic lighting.

But you know what happens when I take photos indoors? I get visitors…


EVERYONE IS SO HAPPY TO HAVE THEIR PICTURE TAKEN! (Anyone who says cats can’t make facial expressions needs to see this and then hang his or her head in shame.)

Trench: Andrew Marc via TJ Maxx (similar here and here)

Tee: Simply Vera Vera Wang, old

Sweater: J. Crew

Pearl Necklace: Givenchy via Nordstrom