Double Duty: Dotted Tank and Pink Cardi



I realized that this summer I’ve worn skirts, dresses, and shorts much more than I have in years past. This realization made me very concerned for the self-esteem of my pants. I hope they know I still love them. But the best way to make pants feel loved is to wear them. And so I did.

In fact, I wore TWO pairs of pants in one day. That’s right…we’ve got a double duty post on our hands today (see the last one here). The first outfit, which you have already admired, was what I wore to work. What you are getting ready to admire below is how I switched it up to go out for my birthday pizza at Mellow Mushroom.


Before and After…


Dotted tank available at LOFT

Editor pants are old, but still available in various colors/styles at Express

Mint belt available at J. Crew

High rise jeans from Madewell, same or similar ones are still available I think

Don’t forget to check out the outfit challenge (it’s not a contest – everyone’s a “winner” as long as you participate before Friday this week)!

Chicago Day 3: a “What to Wear?” Challenge

Saturday was our last day in Chicago, and we planned to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo during the day, and then head to a suburb to see a college friend star as Elle Woods in a production of Legally Blonde, the musical (SNAPS FOR ANNIE!).

The challenge: We had to check out of the hotel in the morning, so I wouldn’t be able to change between city-trekking and theater-going.

The solution: this trusty sundress. During the day, I kept it casual with a braided belt and my comfy hippie sandals.20120729-195342.jpg

20120729-195415.jpgAnd for evening, I just kept some wedges, a clutch, and my bubble necklace easily accessible in my suitcase. A little switcheroo in the theater parking lot led to this:20120729-195438.jpg


20120729-195513.jpgThe only problem with this dress is that I can’t even take a freaking pee without someone stopping to tell me how CUTE I look. My life is really hard, you guys. But you know who else has a hard life? My friend Annie, who has a real job AND is working on getting her Master’s AND has the lead role in Legally Blonde. I might be a little biased because I know her, but seriously…she is effing amazing in this show. Anyone who lives near University Park, IL, needs to go see it. Or else. There are two more shows next weekend; check out the theater’s website here.20120729-195535.jpg

Omigod you guys, I know her.


Kristin, Annie (the blonde one, obviously), and me after her show


And here are some meerkats. Just cuz.

Double Duty: Cream silk top

Welcome to the first installment of a feature I am very uncreatively calling “Double Duty.” Sometimes when I get home from work and then I have to go out and do something else (errands, dinner, or in today’s case, volunteering), I want to change into something more comfy but without starting from scratch. Exhibit A (work):



(this is my serious looking-at-nature face)

Exhibit B (after work):


First outfit: Top: H&M / Pants: Benetton / Shoes: Nine West
Second outfit: Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Bakers