Florals + Mint + Yellow

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I’m both worried and excited about being the most brightly dressed lawyer in the room one day. Right now I’m practicing being one of the most brightly dressed law students in the room. It’s valuable real-life experience.

Last Friday I went to a recognition banquet for students (like me) who are tutoring struggling first-year students. The event was at a fancy schmancy members-only club on the top floor of one of the big business towers in downtown Indianapolis. The invitation said business casual, which obviously would include this outfit.

But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t one of the only people wearing a color other than navy or black. This is why people think lawyers/law students are boring – it has nothing to do with how we drop words like “liability” into everyday conversation and call the Supreme Court Justices by their first names like we’re close personal friends with them.

Thank goodness I was there, right? I’m like a color-injecting superhero. What should my superhero name be? This is your task for the day: to come up with a name that fully expresses both my knack for colorfulness and my legal prowess. Shouldn’t be difficult.

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