Wading Through Exams







Bad news first: The past several days have been gloomy and rainy and I’ve spent them studying for and taking exams.

The good news is that I FINALLY had an excuse to wear my Hunter rain boots that I bought weeks ago. I had an exam on Saturday morning, so I went no-fuss and comfy with leggings, tunic, scarf, and no distracting accessories. And since it was raining…THE BOOTS! Is anyone else excited? I didn’t think so.

Granted, I didn’t plan on walking outside for more than 30 seconds, but what if the exam room had been flooded? I would have been prepared. Turns out the exam room was perfectly dry, so after my test I celebrated by going out of my way to look for a puddle to jump in. I don’t know how I did on my final, but I do know I get an A+ in super stylish puddle jumping. Top of the class, for sure.

Boots: Hunter (this color is “Merlot”)

Coat: Tulle, old (similar houndstooth here or polka dotted here)

Scarf: Target, old (similar)

Fall 2012 Shopping List

Fall 2012 Shopping List
Since tonight is Fashion’s Night Out, I figured what better time to show you my official fall shopping list? And I swear: this is not a cute little collage I just made up to fill space on my blog; these are all items that are actually on my list of things I want to find this season (you can ask my iPhone, who was storing my list up until now).
I will be going to a FNO Indianapolis event at Circle Centre Mall, and perhaps I’ll pick up one or two of these items! I promise to report back.
To everyone else attending FNO wherever you live – and to everyone in smaller towns making your own pretend FNO – have fun! And may the shopping be ever in your favor.