Fake Leather / Real Love

tribal print dress, express faux leather jacket, bow pumps, coach clutch tribal print dress, express faux leather jacket, bow pumps, coach clutch tribal print dress, express faux leather jacket, bow pumps, coach clutch tribal print dress, express faux leather jacket, bow pumps, coach clutch tribal print dress, express faux leather jacket, bow pumps, coach clutch

Photo bomb!!! Kristin’s shoes are pretty darn cute though.

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On Friday night we went to the Lambda Legal benefit, which I didn’t even know was happening until the day before. Luckily, we had a friend who helped hook us up with tickets. (But I promise…once I have a job, I will donate to Lambda Legal and make up for all the free booze and cheese I consumed.) I’m so so glad we got to go, and not just because I like to hang out with lawyers. This was a really great year for marriage equality, and for once I actually got to enjoy the benefits instead of just celebrating other states’ changes from afar.

The event was packed with “celebrities” like Camilla Taylor, who made a big win in the 7th Circuit recently, and Beth White, my county’s clerk who kept her office open extra hours to let a ton of people get married in June (including me). OK, maybe they’re not celebrities by most people’s standards, but they are to me and to most of the people at the benefit!

Needless to say, there were lots of happy people and lots of celebration on Friday night. I can’t wait to see what we’re celebrating next year!

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*Dress provided courtesy of Lucky B Boutique.

Learn how to get involved with Lambda Legal here.

eBay Find: Vintage Coach Bag

coach1 coach2 coach3 coach4 coach5 coach6

I could not tell you how or why the idea entered my head, but a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to find a pre-loved Coach crossbody bag. Thanks to good ol’ Electronic Bay Dot Com, I got this one for $45. It’s really pretty easy to find an old Coach bag for cheap on eBay. There are tons of people selling them for reasonable prices, and new ones are always being added. Just be sure to look at the photos and descriptions carefully to avoid getting a bag with more than regular wear and tear. And decide on your budget ahead of time so you don’t get sucked in to the excitement of a bidding war!

Obviously this bag is not in pristine condition, but I like that it looks well loved. It also means the leather is super soft and broken in. Doesn’t it look like a cool, beat-up vintage suitcase? But smaller. A suitcase for a meerkat maybe. Try searching for “vintage meerkat suitcase” on eBay and see what happens. Then report back because I want to know.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the rest of the outfit, I wore this to work yesterday, then took the jacket off to run some errands. Specifically, I bought a new vacuum. I needed it to clean up meerkat fur (OK, house cat fur).

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Wedding Bells are Gonna Chime

I wore this to my friend Brandy’s wedding on Thursday. A lovely time was had by all. I had an especially good time because I was excited to wear this adorable new dress. I think it will be cute with a belt or maybe a long necklace, but for the garment’s debut I kept it simple. It also flows nicely in the wind (see above).


At the end of the night, I had a little fun with photos on site…


And since I know there are a bunch of chicks reading this who are obsessed with weddings, here’s your wedding porn.






I’m not much of a wedding person myself. The way people stress out and spend tens of thousands of dollars on what should be just one day of the rest of your life with your spouse seems silly and wasteful. Luckily, Brandy didn’t have one of those weddings! It was simple, classy, and personal. I had a good time and wasn’t worried about ruining some $500 vintage tablecloth with spilled wine (because I did in fact spill my wine).

Congrats, Brandy and Bradley!

Dress: Pitaya / Shoes: Nine West / Clutch: Coach

All Dressed Up, Nowhere (good) to Go




I wore this to go to Dave and Busters. I had never been…turns out I was overdressed. Story of my life. I had a totally different image of this place in my head. I thought it was like a grown up version of an arcade. I don’t like arcades. This was an arcade. But on the plus side: they had good fries, I was with good friends, and I looked pretty classy playing skee ball in heels (at least in my head I did).
Tee: Madewell / Jacket: H&M / Jeans: Ann Taylor / Shoes: Nine West / Necklace: J. Crew / Clutch: Coach