Flashback Friday: TOPIO (the Whole Damn Thing)

Happy Friday, everyone! If you followed my blog last month, you know all about the Take One, Pass It On challenge. Every day in November (that I got dressed), I rewore one thing from the day before. Even if you followed along, it’s been awhile since Nov. 1. Let’s take a walk down outfit memory lane, and see all 20 outfits side by side!

If you’re a skeptic who thinks “I can’t wear the same thing 2 days in a row – what will people think?!” The answer is probably: They won’t think anything because they won’t notice. I bet as you look over all these outfits, you’ll find very few of the “repeats” jump out at you.

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See? That’s what makes this little experiment so fun. It gives you the motivation to wear things in new ways. But don’t just take my word for it (because I’m biased)…Check out AJ’s TOPIO roundup and see what she has to say (and honestly she says it better than I ever have).

Even though the “official” challenge is over, I still encourage you to try the Take One challenge in your real life. And then be sure to tell me how much you love it and what a genius I am. And if you already think I’m a genius, I would love it if you would pin the photo above to spread the word about my blog!

One last huge THANK YOU to all the other bloggers who did the challenge in November! You can see their links in the weekly roundups here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.

Have a good weekend!

What to Wear: Week 3 Update

Two weeks in a row! I am on a roll. If you haven’t read the original “What to Wear?” post, see it here. Last week I had the following items on my card:

  • Pencil skirt
  • Watch
  • Silky blouse
  • Coral & blue LOFT scarf
  • Floral dress
  • Bandolino kitten heels (this is the only one I skipped, because I’ve been wearing these shoes a lot recently – like here and here)20120806-210527.jpg

You might notice that my new Anne Klein watch shows up in several of these photos. I might have a mild obsession.

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! (Mine started out with taking a sick day Monday because my stomach didn’t feel like facing the day…I don’t wish that on anyone else!)

Previous What to Wear Updates:

What to Wear: Week 2 Update

You might have noticed that it has been a long time since my Week 1 Update of What to Wear. No, there has not been some kind of glitch in the space-time continuum. I just haven’t been using my cards every week. But I did last week, hence the update.

Wait, cards? What are you talking about, Sarah? If you are a relatively new reader of Sarah’s Real Life, or you just need a refresher, see this post, where I break down one of the ways I decide what to wear every day. To me, great style is not just about picking out the trendiest new items; it’s about how you put different pieces together. And when you have a ton of clothes and accessories and shoes like I do, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

The items on my card for the week were:

  • Wooden bead necklace
  • Cropped jacket/blazer
  • Patterned cardigan
  • Yellow hair bow
  • Yellow pleated skirt

Check it out! These pics should all look familiar if you’ve been reading the past week…20120730-113554.jpg

My little card definitely came in handy this week! The wooden bead necklace was the perfect thing to add to my tourist ensemble and spice up my plain navy tee. The jacket was something I hadn’t worn in forever and was contemplating tossing, but once I wore it I realized I just had to embrace its costume-like quality and have fun with it! This silky cardigan was perfect over a dress for an evening out in Chicago. The yellow bow – I always forget I bought this little guy! – is a fun addition to any outfit. And I’m glad I challenged myself to fit this yellow skirt into a work-friendly outfit.

So…how do you decide what to wear? Leave me a comment! And if you want to be in the loop for future style adventures, use the links in the main menu (above) to follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter!

What to Wear: Week 1 Update

For those of you who read my post last week on outfit planning, you’ve probably had troubling sleeping at night because you’ve been wondering, “Did Sarah use one of her index cards last week?! Did she wear everything on the list?! I MUST KNOW!!”

Well, stress no more, my little style fiends. Here is your answer. Yes, I did use one of my index cards last week. The items on the card were:

  • purple peplum top
  • zebra CK flats
  • cropped pants
  • maxi skirt
  • mint green J. Crew necklace
  • solid cardigan

If you look back at the last week of outfit posts, you’ll see that I wore all but the J. Crew necklace! Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


So, is anyone else going to try it?

By the way, you can now follow Sarah’s Real Life on Bloglovin’. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link!

What to Wear?

Sometimes people remark that they’ve never seen me wear the same thing twice. Well, I assure you I do wear clothes more than once, but rarely do I repeat exactly the same combination of clothes. It helps that I have an enormous wardrobe.

Today’s entry is about one little trick I use to manage my crazy closet (which is actually a spare bedroom). If your wardrobe is sparse, this may not be helpful to you; but if you are a fellow shopping addict who stares into her stuffed-to-the-brim closet thinking “what the hell am I going to wear today?” then read on…

I came up with this idea at a time when I had lots of older stuff in my closet that I hadn’t worn in awhile but still wanted to wear, as well as several new things to add to the mix.

Start with a few index cards. You will use one for each week – 4 or 5 to begin, but you can always add more later. Now pick a category (for example: tops, jackets, shoes, accessories, skirts, etc.) and on the first line of each card, write down something in that category. It could be one specific item (ex: Ann Taylor striped turtleneck) or something more general (ex: patterned sweater). In the example below, I picked all items of the tops or sweaters variety.


Then pick another category and write down an item on each card. You see where I’m going with this… You can make as many categories as you like, or you can even pick random items. I started out with categories – tops, shoes, bottoms – then I did a round of randoms, then did two more categories – accessories, jewelry. The “rules” are really up to you. But in general, try to pick out some items that you’ve had for a while but have been neglected, as well as items that are newer. Then be sure to throw in some basics and favorites.


This project can easily be done on your own, but I consult with my trusty advisor, Coco.


Once you have your cards done, use them as a jumping off point each day that week when you’re deciding what to wear. You could wear multiple items from your card on the same day, or just pick one thing each day and build your outfit around it. Again, you make the rules so it really doesn’t matter! You can be as strict or as flexible with your cards as you like.

If anyone else decides to try my little scheme, let me know what you think! Did it work for you? Does anyone else have unique ways of managing their closets and thinking of new outfits? Leave me a comment!