VIP status…or something

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A new C. Wonder store opened at the mall down the street from me last week, and I was invited to the “VIP” opening party. Apparently the VIP threshold is very low because I received no less than three separate invitations to this thing, which I guess makes me an extra VIP. Of course, despite the triple invitation, my name was still not on the list when I got there, but luckily they didn’t give me much trouble. I assume it was this adorable outfit that made me look like I belonged.

So once I went in, I immediately noticed that everyone in the store had a wine glass in their hand, but I couldn’t figure out where those wine glasses came from. It was really crowded, so I just started wandering around hoping to see someone I knew and to eventually find the source of the booze. I cannot even tell you how many times I circled this place sans drink, sans friends, and sans cell phone service, but it took at least 30 minutes.

I seriously considered leaving, but then I finally got my hands on a cocktail. Now I don’t mean to suggest that I have to drink to have a good time. It’s just that if you get invited to something that has “VIP” in the title (but is really just a ploy to get you to spend money), you should at least get some perks.

So I had a couple drinks and loosened up enough to enjoy the fun music, talk to a few people, and pick out a couple things to take home with me (don’t judge…everything was 20% off).



All in all, I am glad I went (and stayed). I just wish I could have avoided the awkward part at the beginning. So there you have it folks – the fabulous (real) life of a fashion blogger.

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Family Matters


I had a fantabulous time this weekend entertaining the lovely people you see above. We watched the Pride parade, perused the Talbott Street art fair, cheered on our WNBA team, walked around the Eiteljorg Museum, paddled down the canal, celebrated my parents’ 35th anniversary, did some shopping, and ate a ton of good food. You can see more photos of the fun on my Instagram feed.


I decided my sister Kathryn looked cute enough to join in on some outfit photos. Obviously, silliness ensued…

family3 family4

There was some switching of glasses.


Look at her gazing lovingly at her older sister. I’m such a good role model. Love ya, sis!

My Dress // Kathryn’s Dress // Sunglasses // Mom’s Shirt