Do You Prefer Fashion Victim or Ensembly-Challenged?






You guys, I can’t believe I’ve been running this blog for almost five months and I’ve never mentioned this hugely important part of my life: Clueless is my favorite movie. Of all time. I know every line, every song on the soundtrack, and every outfit.

I remember seeing it in the theater with my mom when I was 10. At the time I was too young to get half the jokes, but I still loved it. I had it on VHS (those rectangular things from the 90s that you had to rewind), had the soundtrack, then got the DVD, then got a DVD again when the 10th anniversary edition came out (there were special features).

I didn’t think there was anything else I could get until a fateful day last fall when I happened to be wandering through Forever 21 and spotted this sweatshirt. I was so excited! But wait, the story’s not over.

After I swiped my credit card, at the exact moment when the cashier handed me the yellow bag containing my newfound treasure, I kid you not…David Bowie’s “Fashion” came blasting through the store’s speakers! That’s the song that plays in the first scene of the movie!!! I swear on the grave of Brittany Murphy I am not making this up. It was a magical moment.

So when I got all my winter clothes out of storage last weekend, this sweatshirt was one of the first things I wanted to wear. As if I would wear anything else, right? I would have been totally buggin’ if I couldn’t wear it. OK, that’s enough of that. Just watch the movie.

I figure I know some other Clueless fans out there, so I’m hoping you all enjoy this as much as I do. Tell me your favorite part of the movie in the comments!

Clueless Sweatshirt: Forever 21 (no longer available…sorry!)

Gingham shirt: J. Crew

Jeans: Express

Boots: Matisse via DSW, old (similar)

Bracelet: Anthropologie

Bow earrings: Kate Spade

Peacoat: J. Crew