The Wind Beneath My Wings

Happy January 24th, everyone! Today is a special day. It just happens to be the birthday of the #1 most wonderful person in my life. Among her many charms is the fact that she takes a good portion of the photos you see here on Sarah’s Real Life. It’s not always how she would rather spend her time, but she does it because she’s my hero! I know how much she loves all the outtakes she captures between the “real” outfit photos, so because it’s her special day, I thought I’d share of few of them.

The theme of these bloopers is, appropriately, “the wind beneath my wings.” Enjoy.

fashion blogger bloopers

Getting in touch with my inner Marilyn.

fashion blogger bloopers

If the wind knocks me into that water, this dress functions as a sail.

fashion blogger bloopers

I could use a snack. Oh I know, how about my hair? Fabulous.


Oh my gosh, is that Michael Jackson?! Nope, just me.


And sometimes the wind blows me right out of the frame…Whoops!


This one’s kinda creepy…Doesn’t it look like a ghost is flipping up the end of my hair?! Maybe it’s Michael.

fashion blogger bloopers

Not even sure if this one was the wind, or just me doing something ridiculous. Either way it’s funny.

Happy Birthday, Kristin!

xoxo, Sarah

I’ve Got the Moves Like Jagger (OUTTAKES!)


As you know, I just finished up my second year of law school. Law school can be a very serious place. I figured what better time to show you some of the frivolity that takes place during outfit photo shoots.

I won’t blame any of these funny photos on weird angles or bad lighting. I take full responsibility for my amazing dancing skillz. Yep, with a z.


(Making my scarf do a little jig.)


(I literally tried to kick the snow out of my life. It didn’t work but I looked awesome trying.)


(Everybody do the Charleston!)


(Oh…did I mention I actually can dance? I take my silliness very seriously.)

Hope you guys enjoyed laughing with me and not at me. Have a great weekend!