#LookingLucky Roundup!

wardrobe challenge, style challenge, spring 2014 trends, lucky b boutique, indianapolis style blog

Well, folks, what did we learn this month during the Looking Lucky challenge? We learned that blindly following trends and looking like you walked out of a Forever 21 ad every day is not cool. But we learned that working current trends into your existing wardrobe is a good way to keep things interesting and challenge yourself to dress outside your usual style box (assuming a “style box” is a thing you are normally in).

In case you missed any of them, here are all 10 of my looks (links to original posts are below the photos):

wardrobe challenge, style challenge, spring 2014 trends, lucky b boutique, indianapolis style blog

Lace // Pastel

wardrobe challenge, style challenge, spring 2014 trends, lucky b boutique, indianapolis style blog

Floral // Fringe

wardrobe challenge, style challenge, spring 2014 trends, lucky b boutique, indianapolis style blog

Cropped // Tribal print

wardrobe challenge, style challenge, spring 2014 trends, lucky b boutique, indianapolis style blog

Local love // Metallic

wardrobe challenge, style challenge, spring 2014 trends, lucky b boutique, indianapolis style blog

Neon // Geometrics

A thousand thanks to those of you who played along on Instagram and on your blogs, or maybe just in your own head. Hope you had fun! I have certainly not forgotten my promise – one lucky blogger who completed the challenge is going to win a $75 gift card to Lucky B Boutique! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Now, I’ve already seen some of your entries throughout April, but let’s not count on my memory. If you blogged all 10 trends, please send me an email at sarahsreallife@gmail.com with links to each post (or just 1 post, if you did a roundup like this one). That will be your official entry! Once I get your email, I’ll also add your blog link to the list below.

Here are the official blogger giveaway entries so far (list still in progress). Give these ladies a visit and check back later for more!

Take One, Pass it On: 2.0

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I’ve made my decision. Decision made. I’m doing the Take One, Pass it On Challenge again for the month of November! Please hold your applause till the end.

You might remember I came up with the idea for the Take One remix challenge back in February (#HumbleBrag). It was a ton of fun and a huge success. You can see the February roundup here.

Here’s How the Challenge Works:

  • Start out by wearing any outfit you want to wear.
  • The next day, take one thing from the previous day’s outfit and wear it again in a new way.
  • The next day, take one thing (besides the already repeated item) from the day before, and…you get the idea.
  • Do this for as long as you want!

Why Would Any Sane Person Want to Do This?

  • Unlike other popular remix challenges, it doesn’t require a bunch of planning ahead of time.
  • It makes getting dressed easier because you always have somewhere to start.
  • It challenges you to get creative with your wardrobe.
  • It curbs shopping habits (not that any of us have that problem) because you’re focused on getting new uses out of what you already have.
  • And most importantly, if you’re a blogger and you post about your experience with the Take One, Pass it On challenge, I’ll post your link in a roundup each week you do it!

I hope you’ll all consider trying out the challenge with me, whether it’s for a week or the whole rest of the year! It might sound intimidating, but the feedback from those who did it last time was overwhelmingly positive. If you blog about it, just be sure to mention “Sarah’s Real Life” and include a link. Then be sure to let me know you’re doing the challenge so I can include you in the roundup (see the Contact/Collaborate tab on the main menu above for my email).


(You may now applaud.)

Pin to Real Life Outfit #2


Left image source: s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s (used with permission)

pinseersucker2 pinseersucker3 pinseersucker4 pinseersucker5 pinseersucker6 pinseersucker7

This second installment of Pin to Real Life was inspired by Beth of s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s. You might not see the resemblance at first glance because I switched up the color scheme, but that’s the fun of blogger-inspired outfits, right? See something you like and make it your own.

What I liked about Beth’s outfit that made me pin it was the print mixing (obviously – my favorite!) and how she tied it together with a cardigan and matching flats. I swapped out pink for minty green and added my own statement necklace and cuff bracelet. I decided not to chop off all my hair though. Maybe next time.

Two other ladies  joined in on the Pin to Real Life challenge yesterday! Check them out at Loop Looks and  Adventures of a Shoestring Fashionista. If they can do it, so can you!

Jeans // similar Cardigan (on sale) // similar Necklace // similar Shoes // Bracelet(25% off with code REALLIFE25) // Hair Tie* // Lipstick “Schiap”

*Bracelet gifted by House of Gemmes; hair tie gifted by 6 Degrees Hair Ties.

The “Pin to Real Life” Style Challenge!

After the epic success of my last challenge (surprisingly, I’m not being sarcastic), I couldn’t wait to do another one. A ton of other bloggers joined in last time, and I’m hoping for just as many this time! You hear that? I’m talking to YOU.

So what’s the challenge? I’m glad you asked.

It’s called the “Pin to Real Life” Style Challenge!

How does it work? You are so full of great questions today! Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I use Pinterest almost daily, and I often pin outfits from other blogs I follow. So next week, I’m challenging myself to look through my outfit inspiration board on Pinterest and recreate my own version of a pinned outfit each day. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica – the idea is just to be inspired by a look I like and then find things in my own closet that mimic whatever it is that I liked about the original.

I hope everyone likes this idea! I look forward to sharing my “pinspired” looks with you all starting Monday.

Join me, won’t you?

These things are always more fun with friends. If you’re a blogger and a Pinterest user, why not post a Pinterest-inspired outfit? You can do it just once, or you can go for a whole week with me. Even if you don’t have a blog and you want to try recreating an outfit or 2 from your own Pinterest board (or mine), share it on the SRL Facebook page!

If you’ve never used Pinterest for outfit inspiration, check out this article for tips on getting started.

If you are a fellow blogger and you decide to do the Pin to Real Life Style Challenge, I would be happy to share your link with my readers! All I ask is that: (1) Somewhere in your post, mention that I started the challenge and link back to this post, and (2) Send me your link somehow (Twitter, email, comment, etc.) so I know where to find you.

See all the Pin to Real Life posts here!

Take One, Pass it On: Week 4

Here it is, the roundup of outfits from the last week of my Take One, Pass it On remix challenge. See all my repeats side by side, and check out the other ladies’ links at the bottom.

week4a week4b week4c week4d week4e week4f week4g

New #TakeOne Bloggers This Week:

Finished Up the Month!:

Last week, I accidentally left someone out, so if you did the remix challenge this past week (posted between Feb. 24 and March 1), just leave a comment with your link and I will add it! Please and thank you. Have a lovely weekend!

Take One, Pass it On: Week 1

You guys. I completed the first week of Take One, Pass it On with flying colors! Well…there were a lot of colors, but not a lot of flying. But one out of two ain’t bad. The first couple days were a bit of a struggle, but by the end of the week it got easier and pretty fun. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month.

Check out the first 7 outfits, lined up all nice and pretty with nifty labels so your brain doesn’t have to work so hard (it’s Saturday, after all):

week1a week1b week1c week1d week1e week1f

I’ve been blown away by the response to my remix idea (I mean knew it was awesome; I just didn’t know if other people were cool enough to recognize my genius). Here are a few other bloggers that are playing along already. I’m sure there will be more of you in the coming weeks!

A Wardrobe Remix Challenge!

Do you wear clothes? If so, you’ll want to listen up.

I had an idea recently for a wardrobe remix challenge, and I want to share it with all you lovely people. I had been thinking of doing the 30×30 Remix challenge made popular by blogger Kendi of Kendi Everyday. BUT being the overachiever that I am, I thought it would be even more fun to come up with my own remix challenge. And I thought of one. You ready? It’s called:

The Take One, Pass it On Outfit Remix

Here’s how it works:

This remix can be done for any length of time you like: a week, a month, or more. The best part is that there’s no prep work of picking out a bunch of stuff before you start (which is the main reason I never got around to trying 30×30).

On day one, you pick out an outfit just like you normally would.

The next day, take one item from the first day’s outfit and mix it into a new outfit. Obviously, underwear doesn’t count (plus that’s gross), and neither does something like your wedding ring or your jeans that you wear 3 times a week anyway. But it could be a shirt, a dress, a belt, a necklace…whatever!

You can see where this is going…On day three, you would take a different item from the previous day’s outfit and wear it again in a different way. And so on and so on.

I’ll be doing the Take One, Pass it On Outfit Remix for the month of February!

Join the fun:

I don’t want to try this all on my own…everything is more fun with buddies. Except Solitaire.

Are you a style blogger? Try my remix challenge (for all or part of February) and document your outfits on your blog! Be sure to link back here in your posts so I can see how it’s going for you (and so others can join in too)! Tell me if you do a summary post at the end, and I will post your link on Sarah’s Real Life.

Not a style blogger? Try it anyway! You’ve got to get dressed, right? If you want, tell me how the remix works for you by chiming on Facebook.