Accidental Outfit

Floral blazer for work - Sarah's Real Life Floral blazer for work - Sarah's Real LifeFloral blazer for work - Sarah's Real Life Floral blazer for work - Sarah's Real LifeFloral blazer for work - Sarah's Real Life

Happy Sunday, everyone! I thought I’d take a couple minutes out of my very busy-being-unbusy day to share this outfit from the last work week.

This was one of those days when the outfit I had planned out the night before just wasn’t what I thought it would be once I put it on. So I started from scratch, threw a bunch of pink things together, and got this. I actually really like wearing this, so all’s well that ends well, I guess. It’s kind of like when a couple isn’t trying to have a baby but they get pregnant anyway and they’re happy because it’s the miracle of life or whatever. Except I don’t have to clean up this outfit’s poop or pay for it to go to college, so this is more the commitment level I’m comfortable with.

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend!

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Party Hopping

blazerdress1 blazerdress2 blazerdress3 blazerdress4 blazerdress5

This was what I wore last Friday, when I was dashing about town for an interview, a symposium, and my internship. Do I sound busy and important? Good, because I totally am. Or at least I was for a few hours.

Before you ask why I didn’t wear a suit, this interview was with an arts organization, not a law firm, so I thought a professional yet obnoxiously bright look would be appropriate. Or as appropriate as professional yet obnoxiously bright can ever be.

And in case you’ve ever kept yourself up at night wondering what Sarah thinks about tights with open-toe shoes, here’s your answer. She is in favor (as long as the seam isn’t showing, and the tights don’t have a reinforced toe…that looks funny). She is also in favor of talking in the third person only sparingly.

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