Macy’s Back to School

This is a sponsored post. Everywhere compensated me for writing about the following event, but all opinions and witty commentary are my own.

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Tomorrow I start year 3 of law school – my very last first day of school ever! I probably said that on the first day of senior year of college, but I really mean it this time. I already did plenty of clothes shopping in NYC, but yesterday I went to get textbooks and highlighters (no Trapper Keeper though unfortunately).

american eagle jeggings, olivia joy crossbody bag american eagle jeggings, olivia joy crossbody bag

Coincidentally, yesterday I was also asked to attend a back to school event at Macy’s with Radio Disney. You could shop (duh), play games, and meet the members of Cimorelli. Obviously, as a mature adult with no kids, I never listen to the insanely catchy pop songs they play on Radio Disney, and it certainly isn’t number 2 on my car presets. That would just be silly. And since I never listen to Radio Disney, I of course had no idea who Cimorelli were and didn’t sing along when the DJ played their song. Or maybe it was the opposite of what I just said. You’ll never know.

macy's back to school, radio disney

OK, so maybe I had heard the Cimorelli song a couple times, but I didn’t realize they were so popular! There was a huge line to meet them. (No, I didn’t stand in it. Promise.)

cimorelli, macy's back to school, radio disney macy's back to school, radio disney

I can only hope these kids got around to shopping once they got their autographs. Back to school shopping is serious business, folks! Just ask this guy:

ballon animals, macy's back to school

He clearly takes his job as balloon animal artist very seriously. How else would he craft such works of art as this orange bunch of grapes with ears on a stick?

weird balloon animals, macy's back to school

Suffice it to say this was not your typical back to school shopping event! I don’t know if things like this existed when I was a kid. It’s entirely possible that they did and my mom just made sure I didn’t know about them.

What do I remember about back to school shopping? Mainly: Limited Too. Do you guys remember that store? I think they’re all called Justice now. Limited Too was the best. I had quite the collection of plaid scrunchies thanks to that place. I also had a lot of things with peace signs and smiley faces. I remember trying on half the store and wanting to get pretty much everything and my mom would make me narrow it down. But why can’t I have all the clothes?! Man, that must have been exhausting. Sorry, mom.

To all you parents out there, I do not envy you! Best of luck sending your kiddos back to school…and wish me luck on my 3L year!


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