Camo…Not That Kind of Camo

camo1 camo2 camo3 camo4 camo5

Since I started this blog (it will be a year at the end of this month – eek!), I’ve gotten even more adventurous with fashion, and I love it. But one thing I’ve never liked and will never like…is camo print. Even when some of my favorite bloggers like Jessica and Rachel wear it, I can’t quite get on board. It’s just not me.

But what I will do is wear a peach belt over a (partly) peach shirt so the belt – gasp! – disappears. Ooooh! Aaaah! Whoa, where’d the belt go? I can’t see it. It’s like it’s camouflaged! That’s my kind of camo.

Shirt // Skirt // similar Belt // similar Shoes

Party Hopping

blazerdress1 blazerdress2 blazerdress3 blazerdress4 blazerdress5

This was what I wore last Friday, when I was dashing about town for an interview, a symposium, and my internship. Do I sound busy and important? Good, because I totally am. Or at least I was for a few hours.

Before you ask why I didn’t wear a suit, this interview was with an arts organization, not a law firm, so I thought a professional yet obnoxiously bright look would be appropriate. Or as appropriate as professional yet obnoxiously bright can ever be.

And in case you’ve ever kept yourself up at night wondering what Sarah thinks about tights with open-toe shoes, here’s your answer. She is in favor (as long as the seam isn’t showing, and the tights don’t have a reinforced toe…that looks funny). She is also in favor of talking in the third person only sparingly.

similar Dress // Blazer (on sale) // similar Shoes // Lipstick “Orange de Chine”

Snow White

whiteskirt1 whiteskirt2 whiteskirt3 whiteskirt4 whiteskirt5

What better day to wear winter white than the day after a winter storm that dropped a good inch of ice. Needless to say, these heels were in my tote bag when I spent 20 minutes chiseling my car out from under all that shit. For that part I wore my ice skates. Or maybe just some boots. You’ll never know. OK, it was boots.

The remixed item today is the turtleneck. See how I wore it yesterday.

similar Turtleneck // Jacket (on sale!) // similar Skirt // similar Shoes

The Red Shoes

redwedges1 redwedges2 redwedges3 redwedges4 redwedges5

I put the red wedges on repeat for a business casual outfit on Thursday. Remixing red shoes is easy peasy because I’m pretty sure red shoes are the answer to everything. Boring work outfit? Red shoes spice it up. Bad day? Red shoes cheer you up. Child poverty? …

Buy some red TOMS and a kid somewhere will get new shoes. (Boom. You didn’t think I would make that last one happen, did you?)

Hope everyone had a great weekend…and HAPPY OSCAR SUNDAY!

similar Turtleneck // similar Jacket // Pants // similar Shoes // similar Silver Cuff

Don’t Step on My Pink Suede Shoes

pinkpumps1 pinkpumps2 pinkpumps3 pinkpumps4 pinkpumps5 pinkpumps6

I have two stories for you today: The Pants Story and The Pumps Story.

The Pants Story goes like this: This was the only pair of awesome silver and mint pants at Ann Taylor and they were a billion percent off. They were a size smaller than all the other skirts, pants, and dresses I have from AT, but I decided to go for it and…success! They fit! And I had just had a big plate of nachos, so if they weren’t too small then, they would never be too small.

The Pumps Story goes like this: I didn’t have any hot pink suede pointy toe pumps. So I got some. And now my life is much better because I have hot pink suede pointy toe pumps to wear with my silver and mint pants that aren’t too small even post-nachos.

What? I didn’t say they were good stories.

Sweater [repeat from yesterday!]: (similar)

Pants: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Sole Society (go a half size up – they run snug!)

Bracelet: BCBGeneration

Sunglasses: Madewell

Necklace: Tiffany & Co. (cheap knockoff here)

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Rainbow Sherbet

coralmint1 coralmint2 coralmint3 coralmint4 coralmint5 coralmint6

I just grabbed this skirt and these shades from Madewell a couple days ago (and when I say “grabbed,” I don’t mean I stole them – I literally did grab at these sunglasses as soon as I walked in the door and saw them because they’re so freaking awesome). I’m pretty excited about the skirt because I’ve been wanting a black and white striped skirt for awhile, but it’s hard to find one that doesn’t make my lower half look like a bloated upside-down pear. I like this one because it doesn’t taper into the knee, and I think the way the side panels break up the lines creates an optical illusion that’s a little more slimming.

In fact, I love this skirt so much that I’m making it my Take One, Pass it On item, so you’ll see it again tomorrow! (In case you forgot already, this cardigan is my repeat from yesterday.)

Shades: Madewell

Shirt: Ann Taylor (similar)

Cardigan: Target (3/4 sleeve version)

Belt: J. Crew (similar)

Skirt: Madewell (it’s not online right now for some reason!)

Leggings: Pitaya

Boots: (similar)

Polka Dot Layers

dotslayers1 dotslayers2 dotslayers3 dotslayers4 dotslayers5 dotslayers6

Ann Taylor is a tricksy bitch. She lures me into the store with the promise of an extra 50% off sale items, but then she puts this (full price) amazingly cute polka dot top right in front of me. What’s a girl to do? Buy the amazingly cute polka dot top, obviously. On the plus side, Ann Taylor gives college students 20% off full price items! (They don’t really advertise it, but it’s true. Just show your student ID.)

It’s clearly more of a spring item, and I’m excited to wear it on its own, but I’m not about to wait until April. So layering it is!

Oh, and don’t forget about the Take One, Pass it On Outfit Remix challenge! Check back tomorrow to see my first outfit. Take a look at the details and join in any time you want!

Top: Ann Taylor

Jeans: American Eagle

Necklace: Tiffany & Co. (similar cheaper)

Jacket: Andrew Marc (similar in other colors)

Shoes: Sperry Top Sider

Bracelet: Madewell


highwaters1 highwaters2 highwaters3 highwaters4

When I was in middle and high school, nobody wore cropped pants. It was either capris right under the knee (what were we thinking?) or flared pants that were at least an inch too long. Anything else, and you were wearing “highwaters” and basically committing social suicide.

Times have changed and I’m so glad, because I love the cut of these pants! And I can continue loving them because the bottoms of them won’t get torn up and dirty from dragging the ground.

So…how many years do you think it will be until these are highwaters again? Be sure the let me know because I don’t want the kids at school to tease me.

Vest: LOFT (similar)

Pants: Ann Taylor (extra 50% off!)

Shoes: J. Crew

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Tied With a Bow. Or a Crap Ton of Bows.





I like finding t-shirts with fun details so I can feel like I’m wearing something special even on those jeans-and-a-t-shirt days. I just picked up this top at Ann Taylor…if there are any other bow lovers out there, I highly recommend stopping by good ol’ Ann’s place. She’s got lots of bows for you.

I wore this a couple days ago when I was out running errands to get ready for classes to start (and they start tomorrow…eep!). It rained all day, which is why you’re getting a little glimpse of the inside of my apartment. I’ll go ahead and let you assume that the rest of it is as tidy as the small section you see here.

Top available at Ann Taylor (and full-price tops are currently buy one, get one half off…just thought I’d mention that)

Art Lesson





I’ve always been a fan of wearing colors, and I love seeing other people making exciting color choices. So for those of you scared of looking like a walking rainbow (although that sounds pretty awesome), here’s a little tip on one way to spice up your outfit palette.

Today I’m playing the role of your elementary school art teacher. Remember learning the color wheel? No? Tsk tsk. Well, the primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. The secondary colors are made by mixing different pairs of primaries, making violet, green, and orange. For each primary color, there is one secondary color that is contrasting, meaning that the secondary doesn’t contain the primary. Lost yet?

For example, both orange and violet contain red. Green is the only secondary color that doesn’t contain red, so red and green are complimentary colors. That means that when red and green are next to each other, they both make the other one look bolder (merry Christmas). Same goes for orange and blue, and yellow and violet. All these combos are fun to wear together.

If you just want to dip your toes in the color pond, you can try what I did here: take a bright necklace and pair with a contrasting top. Keep the rest of the outfit neutral.

Happy dressing!

Top: Target / Skirt: Ann Taylor / Necklace: Charming Charlie / Shoes: Nicole by Nicole Miller / Bracelets: American Eagle

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