Guest Star: a Bowl of Sherbet

coral and mint, NY & Co pants, paisley, Loft clutch, Ray Ban wayfarers kristin2 coral and mint, NY & Co pants, paisley, Loft clutch, Ray Ban wayfarers coral and mint, NY & Co pants, paisley, Loft clutch, Ray Ban wayfarers kristin5

I know what you’re thinking: Who’s this hottie and why can’t she be on the blog every day instead of Sarah? Well, it’s because most of the time she’s the one taking photos and I’m the one who’s dressed better. But over the weekend on our Bloomington date, Kristin stepped up her style game so I made her hand over the camera.

The best thing about this outfit was that it was an accident. We’ve all been there: you go through all the trouble of planning everything you’re going to wear on an out-of-town trip, and then you manage to leave a key piece at home. Well, Kristin planned to wear her chambray with these mint pants, but she made the mistake of hanging up the shirt at home overnight to get the wrinkles out, and the shirt decided not to jump into her bag on its own the next day. Shirts are so lazy that way.

So she was stuck with re-wearing this t-shirt, but I for one think it might be even cuter with these pants than the chambray would’ve been. I mean she looks like a big bowl of sherbet, and who doesn’t like sherbet? In fact, Kristin looked so delicious that I ate her for dessert. And that’s how Regina George died.

Just kidding. But don’t lie…you totally want sherbet now, don’t you?

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The Red Shoes

redwedges1 redwedges2 redwedges3 redwedges4 redwedges5

I put the red wedges on repeat for a business casual outfit on Thursday. Remixing red shoes is easy peasy because I’m pretty sure red shoes are the answer to everything. Boring work outfit? Red shoes spice it up. Bad day? Red shoes cheer you up. Child poverty? …

Buy some red TOMS and a kid somewhere will get new shoes. (Boom. You didn’t think I would make that last one happen, did you?)

Hope everyone had a great weekend…and HAPPY OSCAR SUNDAY!

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