My Kind of Outdoorsy

Guess what? I’m on my way to the beach today! No, I’m not trying to rub it in your face. At least not in this post. Later in the week and on Instagram I totally will rub it in your face, though. Today I’m actually looking ahead to the one thing that will make me happy to come home from the beach: WARMfest! Indiana is very into festivals. Popcorn festivals. Covered bridge festivals. We’ll festivate anything. I’m usually more of an art and wine festival kind of girl, but last year WARMfest opened my eyes to the world of outdoor music festivals. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to go again. Naturally, I’m already thinking about what to wear. When you’re going to be outside in the summer for an extended period of time you have to be strategic, and I think I’ve figured out the recipe for the ultimate festival outfit…

Summer Festival Style

1. Maxi dress. It’s less binding than jean shorts. Breezy, breathable, comfortable. And maxi is better than mini, because if you’re going to spend any time sitting on a blanket, you don’t want to worry about who’s seeing your business. A tank top and maxi skirt works too.

Dresses: Soft JoieSplendidBB Dakota

2. Straw hat. Style and function! Don’t be the girl with the sunburn along her hairline (not that I would know anything about that). Straw is a good option (as opposed to a baseball cap, for example) because it still lets in a little airflow.

Hats: Eugenia KimBop Basics (#2 & #3)

3. Delicate jewelry. I don’t know about you, but I feel naked without accessories. And public nudity is generally frowned upon. So being out in the heat is no excuse not to add some jewelry – it’s just not the best environment for heavy, chunky stuff.

Necklaces: House of Harlow 1960Jules Smith (#2 & #3)

4. Flat sandals. If you do a Google image search for “Coachella fashion,” you’ll see a lot of girls in chunky boots. I don’t know if that’s badass, or just idiotic. Don’t be a hero. Wear comfortable, non-sweat-inducing shoes at an outdoor festival.

Sandals: Laidback LondonSoludosIpanema

Other necessities include sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hands-free bag.

WARMfest details for my fellow Hoosiers: In case I didn’t make it clear, WARMfest is awesome. This year it runs from Friday, Aug. 29 through Monday, Sept. 1, in Broad Ripple Park. A basic weekend pass is $75, or you can get individual day tickets for $10-35 depending on the day (buy tickets here). You can find the whole band lineup here, but it doesn’t even matter if you’ve never heard of any of the bands. Last year there was only 1 that I knew, and it was still fun. Plus, the food truck situation is on point. Come hungry!

Disclosure: All of the products included above are from Shopbop. Shopbop did not specifically sponsor or pay me for this post, but I do have a partnership with Shopbop. In addition, WARMfest is providing me with media passes in exchange for coverage of the event (but I would have been going anyway!)

Shopbop for Broke People

Shopbop under $100

Well, I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for a couple years now, so from time to time I get offers to partner with retailers with varying levels of repute. Recently I hit the jackpot when Shopbop asked to partner with little ol’ me! That means I’ll get to grab a few new things each month courtesy of Shopbop, I’ll wear them, and I’ll share them with you via outfit posts as usual. Of course Shopbop is hoping you’ll click on the links to shop, but you can do whatever you want! No pressure.

If you’re like most people, you probably either (a) have never heard of Shopbop, or (b) think it’s all million-dolla (yeah, I said “dolla”) designer stuff. True, there’s a lot of fancy crap on that site. But they actually have plenty of reasonably priced goodies that you might not find elsewhere. I figure most of my lovely followers (that’s you guys) are in the same boat as I am. And that boat is a raft, not a yacht. So you better believe I’ll be picking some of the things above when I put in my order!

If you do want to see what Shopbop has to offer (again, no pressure), I recommend checking out:

  • The reasonably priced line JOA (the black dress and embellished skirt above, both $78, are from this line).
  • The blue striped dress above, which is on sale for $50!
  • Madewell! Yes, select items (like the Paris tee above) from one of my favorite stores can be found on Shopbop. This is great news when Madewell’s website is sold out of something you want. 🙂
  • Some shoes like Splendid sandals, Kate Spade sneakers, and Jeffrey Campbell flats (my favorites are pictured above) are mostly under $100.
  •  Baggu leather clutches. That adorable yellow one is only $54!
  • Jewelry by Adia Kibur (like the reversible earrings above), Shashi (rose gold ring), and Kate Spade (love bracelet). All my selections are under $50.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. I’ll be sure to let you know what I end up selecting for my first Shopbop order! Thanks as always for your support.

Beach, Please

Beach, Please

I stayed in bed until noon today. NOON. It was amazing. With no school stuff on my to-do list, my #1 priority was snuggling with my cat. I have a few more carefree days before I start my prep classes for the Bar Exam. The light at the end of that tunnel of stress is Kristin’s promise that we’ll take a beach vacation this August.

Growing up in North Carolina, I used to go to the beach every summer, but it’s a little harder in Indiana. I haven’t been in a few years and I CANNOT WAIT. So naturally I’m already preparing for our trip. I’m usually a high-maintenance traveler, but this is pretty much everything I’ll need for fun in the sun:

  • A new bikini.* I just picked up this top & bottom set from H&M. I love the mesh overlay and silver accents. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on bathing suits when they’re just going to get covered in sand and salt (or chlorine if you’re at the pool). Every year or 2 I pick up a new one just to switch it up. H&M had a TON of options in all different colors. They would be fun to mix and match too.
  • A bright beach bagYou need something to hold all this other crap, right? And I’m not about to take any of my nice leather totes out into the elements. I saw a lot of cute summery bags at Target recently, and I think this bright green straw one is my favorite.
  • Big, cheap sunglasses. I realized recently that super oversized sunglasses don’t look that great on me. But at the beach, who cares? I just want to enjoy some sunshine without getting more wrinkles around my eyes. And if I end up dropping them in the ocean, I won’t be heartbroken. (Not that I would litter, but you know what I mean.)
  • Reading materialI’m pretty excited about reading something not law-related. I know they say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that’s exactly what attracted me to the book “Flappers.” It’s a biography of six different women in the 1920s. And the art deco style cover tells me it’s going to be awesome.
  • A big, floppy hat.* Just because it looks fabulous.
  • Spray-on sunscreen. I always manage to miss a spot, but I do best with spray-on sunscreen rather than lotion. I put it on before I even put on my suit and just spray back and forth across my whole body.  The stronger the SPF, the better. The lobster look is not sexy, nor is skin cancer.
  • Cool beach towel. How cool is this Nate Berkus towel from Target?! And it even matches my new bikini. I’ll be coming for you, towel. Watch out. (And it’s on sale now!)
  • Drinks. I don’t know why, but Corona tastes better at the beach than anywhere else. With a slice of fresh lime? Oh yeah. Other beach beverage favorites include: margaritas, pinot grigio, vodka gimlets. I suppose water is also a good choice. Whatever.
  • Flip flopsI’m of the opinion that flip flops are not real shoes. They’re almost exclusively for the pool, the beach, and taking out the trash. If they have some cute embellishment or something, they can be worn for other occasions in moderation. But none of this matters right now, because we’re talking about the beach. Flop away!!!

So…Did I forget anything? You have a couple months to give me suggestions on what to pack and where to go! Let’s limit suggestions to the east coast, because plane tickets to California are way expensive. We’ll also need to find a place to stay that’s right on the beach but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. OK, people: Plan the rest of my vacation!

*I picked up this exact bikini and hat courtesy of H&M in connection with this post. The rest of the products are ones I plan on purchasing later (especially the Corona). All opinions are my own, as usual!

Great Day

stella dot norah pendant, polka dot jeans, jessica simpson nude pumps, target colorblock bag, kate spade sunglasses stella dot norah pendant, polka dot jeans, jessica simpson nude pumps, target colorblock bag, kate spade sunglasses stella dot norah pendant, polka dot jeans, jessica simpson nude pumps, target colorblock bag, kate spade sunglasses stella dot norah pendant, polka dot jeans, jessica simpson nude pumps, target colorblock bag, kate spade sunglasses stella dot norah pendant, polka dot jeans, jessica simpson nude pumps, target colorblock bag, kate spade sunglasses stella dot norah pendant, polka dot jeans, jessica simpson nude pumps, target colorblock bag, kate spade sunglasses

Necklace* // Bag // similar Sweater (under $25) // Shoes (on sale) // similar Jeans

You guys, I had the BEST Saturday. Let me give you the rundown:

  • I had a great brunch (hence the oversized sweater…I planned ahead);
  • I got a new phone (an iPhone 5c, upgraded from an iPhone 4 that still had iOS5 so I was pretty much living in the dark ages);
  • A package of stuff I ordered from J. Crew Factory came in the mail, and it all looks great;
  • And finally, I got to debut this stunner of a necklace from Stella & Dot!

I recently met up with Rachael, a new Stella & Dot stylist, and when she showed me this necklace, my reaction was: “It looks like it could be in a museum!” Being the museum nerd that I am, I obviously had to have it.

This is my first Stella & Dot piece, and it’s pretty fabulous. In case you don’t know, you can order from Stella & Dot online, but you can also host trunk shows for yourself and your friends in your own home (and when you do that you get some perks!). If you live in the central Indiana area and want to host a trunk show, be sure to give Rachael a shout at or (248) 953-4647.

But if you’re more of a shop online in your pajamas type (like me), I’ll give you a head start and show you a few more of my favorite Stella & Dot pieces. (P.S. That striped scarf has little elephants on it! Don’t even try to tell me you already have a nautical elephant scarf.)

Stella & Dot

1. Sanibel Reversible Pendant // 2. Avalon Tote // 3. Frida Necklace // 4. Palm Springs Scarf // 5. Renegade Cluster Bracelet // 6. Ivie Drops // 7. Tia Crossbody

*Necklace provided courtesy of Stella & Dot in exchange for this post, but I chose all content and the opinions are my own.

Saturday Shopping: Madewell Sale

Madewell sale picks

Yesterday I pretty much proclaimed my Madewell dress the best thing since Netflix streaming, and it just so happens that the dress – along with A LOT of other stuff – is now on sale, with an extra 30% off through March 10th! I hate to be the one to encourage others to break their budgets, but considering it’s early in the month, I’m hoping that won’t happen to anyone.

So (keeping responsible spending in mind, of course), here are a few of my favorites from the sale. If you’ve never shopped at Madewell before, the name doesn’t lie. I have absolutely no complaints about anything I’ve ever bought there! Madewell is part of the J. Crew family, so sizing is similar. Happy shopping!

Gray dress: $85

Leather trim shorts: $70

Beaded sleeve tee: $50

Necklace: $36

Bien Fait bandana: $12

Striped pocket tee: $39

Bow flats (also in black): $47

Striped skirt: $46

 (all prices reflect extra 30% off using code DAYLIGHT, rounded up to next dollar)

Shop the full sale here.

I ShopStyle…(Really)

shopstyle lay down, we shop style, online shopping, fashion

Why is that doofus lying on the ground surrounded by her clothes? Well, because she’s a doofus and because ShopStyle asked her to! You might have noticed some TV commercials for ShopStyle recently, but I’ve been using it for much longer (because I’m such a hip doofus). I use ShopStyle almost every day, in fact. It’s the easiest way for me to find those handy product links I put at the end of each outfit post.

If you’ve never used it before, ShopStyle is basically a shopping search engine that gives you a bunch of handy filters for color, price, size, and more, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. As you know, I’m all about documenting my real-life style, so usually most of what I’m wearing wasn’t purchased that recently. I use ShopStyle to find the closest possible option to link you guys to. The price filter really comes in handy, because I’m not about to give you a link to something from Versace when the original was Forever 21. That’s just obnoxious!

I also use ShopStyle when I’m on the hunt for something to add to my closet. Most recently, that was a Christmassy plaid shirt and over-the-knee boots, both of which are pictured above! Once again the price filter comes in handy because law school makes you rich with knowledge but not with much else. So the next time you’re convinced that you simply must have sequin leggings for under $100, you know how to find them.

ShopStyle told me this photo shoot was all about showing off my personal style, so I went to my closet and pulled out a few things I’ve been obsessed with recently: plaid, boots, chambray, and bling! You can shop these items (or similar options) below…Guess how I found the links? 😉

Clockwise from top left: Light Chambray // Dark Chambray // OTK Boots // Bracelet // Necklace // Plaid Shirt // Plaid Scarf // Ankle Boots

Disclosure: ShopStyle compensated me for this post, but all opinions are my own, and I wouldn’t have agreed to participate if I weren’t already a fan! I really do use it all the time.

Won’t You Take Me To…SPARKLE TOWN

What is it about New Year’s that makes people want to dress like disco balls? I don’t know but I fall victim to the sequins, too. I feel like there’s a very stereotypical “NYE dress.” It’s very small and very sparkly. And probably very itchy. And you’ll probably never wear it again.

Recently I’ve been keeping an eye out for sparkly things that are NYE appropriate but are also re-wearable (as the queen of remixing, I always have this kind of thing on my mind). I gathered up a few of my favorites (all under $70) to give you some ideas. All of this stuff would also be right at home at a wedding, your birthday party, or a fancy date night. A few of them might even be OK – dare I say it – for everyday wear. I happen to have my eye on the sequin pants just because they’re a little ridiculous and I love them.

NYE & Beyond

Shop here:

What’s your favorite?

Get Under My Tree

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask: “What did you ask Santa for this year?” Have you noticed that people stop asking you that once you’re an adult? I know, I know, it’s better to give than to receive. No argument there. But why is it cute when kids tell everyone the presents they want, and it’s greedy for a grownup to do the same?


I’ve seen a lot of “gift guides” around the style blogosphere recently, but very few wishlists. I don’t think it should be taboo to tell people what’s on your Christmas list! I mean if we were all 9 years old, hanging out on the playground, we would be comparing notes – “Which American Girl doll do you want?” “Well I already have Felicity, but I want her canopy bed.” If anything, we’re more mature now and better equipped to handle jealousy, right?


So with that speech out of the way, here are a few things I would be excited to unwrap in a couple weeks! More importantly: What did you ask Santa for this year, little girl? 😉


Christmas List

 Shop here: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Five Fall Essentials

Everywhere compensated me for covering this Macy’s event, but all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own!

So you know how all the big time bloggers spent last week at runway shows for New York Fashion Week? Well, I spent last week in class learning stuff about law and then spent Saturday afternoon at a runway show down the street at Macy’s. I mean I’m sure NYFW is awesome, but I’m not exactly mad that my blogger perks are way more convenient.

The show was all about the 5 Fall Essentials according to the fabulous Danielle (who ties with me for best dressed in Indianapolis…you heard it here first). Here are the 5 trends along with pics of my favorite looks from each.

1. Military-Inspiredmacy's five fall essentials, fall fashion 2013, military inspired fashion

similar Vest // similar Boots

2. Sweater Dressmacy's five fall essentials, fall fashion 2013, sweater dress

similar Dress (on sale)

3. Crew Neckmacy's five fall essentials, fall fashion 2013, pencil skirt, crew neck

Skirt // Boots

4. Printed Pantsmacy's five fall essentials, fall fashion 2013, leopard leggings, printed pants

Sweater // Leggings

5. Underpinningmacy's five fall essentials, fall fashion 2013, peplum, underpinning

Top // Necklace

And there you have it! Pretty cute outfits, right? Couldn’t have styled it better myself. Below are just a couple other shots of some things I liked from the show (clockwise from top left): a trench coat over bold stripes and accessories; a red dress with tan pumps; a fun mix of patterns and textures; and a sweater with wolves making out.

Who else is psyched for fall fashion now?! YAY!

macy's five fall essentials, fall fashion 2013

Spring Wish List: Where I’ll Spend & Where I’ll Save

I find that keeping a list (usually in a note on my iPhone) of things I’d like to add to my closet helps keep me from making impulse buys when I’m out shopping. This season I’m taking it a step further and dividing up my wish list items by the amount I want to spend on them. Good news: even my “big ticket” items are under $100. Here’s to a frugal spring!

Spring Wish list - big ticket items

Dress (Anthropologie) // Jeans (Express)

Spring wish list - medium ticket items
Jacket (Kohl’s) // Skirt (J. Crew Factory)

Spring wish list - small ticket items

Jacket (Kohl’s) // Lipstick (Nordstrom)