Budgeting Bloggers: September

September Budget Breakdown


Ah, September. The month where magazines gets thicker, and it’s time to buy all of the fashion. And this year, it was also the month where I found myself still unemployed and with a dwindling savings account. Great timing, huh? It was the perfect time to start a Le Tote subscription (you can read more about that here): I wore fun new stuff practically every day I left the house, and I barely paid anything for it! And, of course, I did take advantage of a couple sales and added some more permanent pieces to my closet. With all that, plus a few gifted items, it really wasn’t so painful being on an extra budgety budget this month. Here’s how it all worked out…

My Budget:

  • +$150 (normal starting amount)
  • +$20 (returned a bracelet I bought last month and never wore)
  • +$33 (sold old clothes)
  • [note: I did have blog income this month, but I didn’t add it to my budget like I usually do – willpower!]

            = $203

What I Spent:

            = $206 (total retail value: $302)

What I Received:

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7 thoughts on “Budgeting Bloggers: September

  1. I’m loving your Target finds! That red purse is fantastic- I have to avoid going there anymore or else I just want to buy everything they have!

    xo Julie

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