Wardrobe Workhorse: White Skirt

White skirts: wardrobe workhorses

1 // 2 (on sale) // 3 // 4 (under $25!) // 5 // 6 (on sale)

Remember when we used to do a Wardrobe Workhorse feature once in a while? Those were good times. Let’s do that again. I noticed the other day when I was tidying my closet that I have 3 white skirts. Seems crazy, right? Why would someone want to cover the thing she sits on with a color that is scientifically proven (not really) to be a magnet for stains? I don’t know. But I do know I’ve worn 2 of those 3 skirts on countless occasions and, surprisingly, I haven’t ruined them! I think the key is to pick skirts that are (a) textured, (b) slightly off-white, or (c) both. They’re a little less intimidating than a sleek, stark white number, and less likely to show little bits of everyday dirt. Above are a few options that I think would fit the bill for anyone who’s looking to buy!

Need convincing? Here are just a few of the ways I’ve worn my white skirts and why I think they’re wardrobe workhorses.

They work for every season…

white skirt for winter spring summer fall

You can pair them with brights or with other neutrals…

white pencil skirt

And they can be dressy or casual…

white skirts, outfit ideas

Need I say more?

P.S. You might notice that a few of the skirts I linked to above are available on Shopbop.com. Right now Shopbop is promoting use of its iPhone app, which you can download on iTunes. If you make any purchase through the app now through 9/16, use the promo code “APP.” Then later you’ll get an email containing a coupon for $25 off a future purchase! It’s super easy…I just did it last night.

P.P.S. Disclaimer: Shopbop is a current sponsor of this blog.

12 thoughts on “Wardrobe Workhorse: White Skirt

  1. I really like skirts #3 and #5. I know I wear my little a-line skirt all the time that’s white. It helps that it also has an elastic waistband. That’s super appealing. I have no idea how it’s lasted so many years without getting ruined by a cup of coffee or hot sauce.

  2. Is it weird that my favorite outfits are the ones for fall and winter? Just goes to show you that whoever said “no white after Labor Day” was seriously deluded.

    xo Julie

  3. I used to have an over-abundance of black skirts (I think I still do, actually) but this year, it’s been all about white skirts for me. I also have too many of those (4, I think) but I agree, they’re really, really versatile. Surprisingly so.

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