Shopbop for Broke People

Shopbop under $100

Well, I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for a couple years now, so from time to time I get offers to partner with retailers with varying levels of repute. Recently I hit the jackpot when Shopbop asked to partner with little ol’ me! That means I’ll get to grab a few new things each month courtesy of Shopbop, I’ll wear them, and I’ll share them with you via outfit posts as usual. Of course Shopbop is hoping you’ll click on the links to shop, but you can do whatever you want! No pressure.

If you’re like most people, you probably either (a) have never heard of Shopbop, or (b) think it’s all million-dolla (yeah, I said “dolla”) designer stuff. True, there’s a lot of fancy crap on that site. But they actually have plenty of reasonably priced goodies that you might not find elsewhere. I figure most of my lovely followers (that’s you guys) are in the same boat as I am. And that boat is a raft, not a yacht. So you better believe I’ll be picking some of the things above when I put in my order!

If you do want to see what Shopbop has to offer (again, no pressure), I recommend checking out:

  • The reasonably priced line JOA (the black dress and embellished skirt above, both $78, are from this line).
  • The blue striped dress above, which is on sale for $50!
  • Madewell! Yes, select items (like the Paris tee above) from one of my favorite stores can be found on Shopbop. This is great news when Madewell’s website is sold out of something you want. 🙂
  • Some shoes like Splendid sandals, Kate Spade sneakers, and Jeffrey Campbell flats (my favorites are pictured above) are mostly under $100.
  •  Baggu leather clutches. That adorable yellow one is only $54!
  • Jewelry by Adia Kibur (like the reversible earrings above), Shashi (rose gold ring), and Kate Spade (love bracelet). All my selections are under $50.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. I’ll be sure to let you know what I end up selecting for my first Shopbop order! Thanks as always for your support.

9 thoughts on “Shopbop for Broke People

  1. I cracked up when I saw the title of this post but it’s so true! I always see posts about the gorgeous pieces on Shopbop that are way too expensive for us “normal” people. Can’t wait to see what you pick out and choose to blog about!


    • I’m pretty sure YOU’RE the one who must have secrets because you have a massive following considering you’re not a pro, full-time blogger! All I do is wear shit, put it online, and wait for people to email me. No secrets, just luck, I guess!

  2. I have a similar ring by Jacquie Aiche, ordered from shop bop, also under $100. I get compliments on it all the time!

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