Budgeting Bloggers: May

May budget breakdown!

Can you believe the month is over? I’m going to guess you said “no,” so I’m going to say “me neither!” As expected, my May budget was much smaller than the past couple months (check out March and April if you missed them). But what I didn’t expect was the fact that I would get graduation gifts to help fund a nice tote bag and new work clothes (for when I need them, which is hopefully soon).

I got monetary gifts (look, I sound like an attorney already) from my parents and grandparents, and I decided to do the responsible thing and put those in savings. But I also got checks from the in-laws that were specifically designated for adding to my lawyerly wardrobe. Well, it would be rude not to shop with that money as instructed, right? Right. ūüėČ

For the sake of this post, I’m putting what I bought with my graduation¬†money under the “what I received” category so you can differentiate what I spent my “real” money on. So here we go…

My Budget:

  • +$166 (starting budget $150, plus $4 unspent in April, plus $12 for a return)
  • +$123 (sold old clothes)
  • +$55 (blog income)

      = $344

What I Spent:

      = $368 (total retail value: $605)

I went $24 over my budget, so I’ll subtract that from my starting amount for June. It was the midi ring at the art fair that put me over the edge, but supporting the arts is good so I forgave myself pretty quickly and so should you.

What I Received (graduation gifts from family & gifts from brands):

A big thank you to the brands who let me try some new things for free, and an even bigger thank you to the lovely people (whom I actually know) that gave me gifts this month! You all helped me have a little more fun. Because to me, fun=new clothes.

As always, I’ll be linking up with Fran’s Budgeting Bloggers group! Be sure to check them out and prepare to be impressed. If you’re new here, follow Sarah’s Real Life to see how I’m wearing all this crap and to see all the additional crap I will undoubtedly buy next month!


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