Mini Home Makeover


Kleenex has excellent timing – I have suspicions that they’re stalking me. You might remember I did a Kleenex-sponsored post back in February, right after I had used up my supply of tissues during a crappy cold. This month I was invited to participate in another campaign, and this one has a theme: styling the perfect space for guests. And wouldn’t you know it…my parents came to town this weekend for graduation, and my bathroom (which is also the guest bathroom; I’m not some kind of millionaire with 2 full bathrooms) was in major need of some sprucing up.

The first step was finally framing and hanging the awesome opera poster Kristin got me for Christmas:


Then I decided to keep the yellow theme going and picked up some new stuff from Target. I had had the same bath mat since we moved in to this apartment, and that was 5 years ago. Yeah. It was gross. My new one is adorable and fluffy! [I couldn’t find this exact one on Target’s website, but there’s another really cute yellow & white one that I love too.]



I’m a pro at wearing mixed prints, but I really have no instincts when it comes to interior design or décor. I usually just buy things that were made to go together. But I decided to get just a little bit daring when picking out my Kleenex boxes. There are a few new designs by Isaac Mizrahi out now, so I went with those. If it’s good enough for Isaac, it’s good enough for me. Black and white go with everything, right?


20140508-164312.jpgThis mini home makeover doesn’t stop at the bathroom, folks (I know, it’s crazy…I should have my own HGTV show). Last week I was at a craft store and decided to buy this cute little chalkboard easel for absolutely no reason. So I created a reason by rearranging the top of a bookcase in the living room. I added another cute Isaac Mizrahi Kleenex tissue box because why not? Hopefully my parents feel very welcome during their visit, and if anyone gets a runny nose, I’M ALL OVER IT!

If you need to stock up on tissues, stop by the Kleenex Style Studio page and take the “quiz” to get a coupon! It only takes a few seconds. The more right answers you get, the better your coupon is (but you can take it multiple times)!

Heads up: I will be receiving compensation from Kleenex in connection with this post. Thanks for supporting the brands that support my dangerous shopping habit.

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