Live Consciously and Win a $100 H&M Giftcard [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]

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Hey, you guys. How would you like to win $100 to spend at H&M? I thought so. Now that I have your attention, give me just a couple minutes of your time so I can tell you why you’re not the only one who could be benefiting from H&M these days.

On April 10th, H&M will roll out its new Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections. “What’s with the hippie-dippie name,” you ask? Well, H&M Conscious is the name for all H&M’s work for a more sustainable future. Its vision is that all its operations should be run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

To help achieve this vision, H&M has set 7 ambitious commitments:

1. Provide fashion for conscious customers

2. Choose and reward responsible partners

3. Be ethical

4. Be climate smart

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle

6. Use natural resources responsibly

7. Strengthen communities

You can read more about H&M’s sustainability on its website here. And to spread the word (as companies with new products and initiatives are wont to do), H&M is letting me give away a $100 giftcard to one of my fantastic readers.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow Sarah’s Real Life on either Bloglovin’ or Facebook.

2. Comment on this post and tell me (a) which way you followed, and (b) at least one way you are economically, environmentally, and/or socially conscious.

For example, do you…

  • Make your own compost for your garden?
  • Always remember your reusable bags when you go to the grocery store?
  • Donate money to important causes?
  • Buy all your produce from local farmers?
  • Boycott companies that are known for violating human rights?

If you don’t do anything conscious yet, it’s never too late to start. Make some plans and tell me about those.

You may make only one entry, but if your story is particularly unique or impressive, I will give you one extra entry! This giveaway is open internationally, and the winner will be chosen randomly and announced on April 9th.

Update 4/9/14: The winner of the $100 H&M Giftcard is Lydia N.!


Above: a look from the Conscious Exclusive Collection.

Disclosure and other important notes: H&M will be providing me with compensation (in the form of store credit) for participating in this campaign. Some of the content in this post comes from H&M’s own marketing materials. It’s important to remember that H&M is a for-profit business, and therefore I tried to do my due diligence to make sure H&M’s claims were truthful and not misleading. I’m satisfied that while H&M isn’t perfect, its efforts are admirable, well-meaning, and a step in the right direction. This year H&M has been named one of the world’s most ethical companies by an independent research center. This rating apparently doesn’t take into account labor standards, which has been a big issue in “fast fashion” recently. Again, H&M isn’t perfect, and much of its product is manufactured in Asia – but you can read some of what H&M’s head of sustainability has to say about that in this article.

52 thoughts on “Live Consciously and Win a $100 H&M Giftcard [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]

  1. My husband and I try to be economically and environmentally conscious every day. When we were in high school neither one of us paid much attention to these important things but once he joined the military our eyes opened. Our fellow military families introduced us to so many great charities in our area and really showed us that even though our help was small, it made a difference. We try to get involved in these charities as much as possible when we can but sometimes it’s difficult with our day to day schedules. But since we started to get involved we’ve learned to help anyone out in any way possible. Donating to charities and spending a day picking up trash on the side of the road aren’t the only ways to help this country out. It’s the little things that I personally think most people should do, but unfortunately not many people do. Like picking up trash you see on the ground, donating old clothes or household items instead of throwing them away, or even using a reusable water bottle opposed to plastic ones that don’t get recycled. My husband and I definitely don’t make a lot of money, but we are living a good, happy life. There are so many people out that who don’t have as much as we do. We make sure we give those people something when we can, even if it’s just a dollar donated to the children’s hospital or handing a homeless mother some chunk change. I think that our country would strive if everyone made these changes. I could list a million things that I do to be economically and environmentally conscious but I would literally be sitting here all day. I just love that H&M is doing this and I hope that more brands/companies follow in their footsteps.

    I followed you on both, very excited that I found your blog today! Love your style choices.

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