Wardrobe Workhorse: J. Crew Peacoat

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I got the J. Crew “Majesty” Peacoat last fall, and for two winters now I’ve seen quite a few people find their way to my little blog by searching for reviews of said coat. I never really did a review of it before, but I do love the heck out of it and I’ve worn it a lot, so it got me thinking…How about making the peacoat the next Wardrobe Workhorse?!

I put a lot of thought into making this relatively pricey purchase. I managed to get it on sale, but it was still $200+. Gasp! I know. But honestly I have never once regretted this purchase. I’m more likely to regret spending $50 on a sweater I wear once before it starts pilling. I’ve already gotten my money’s worth. Here are just a few times I’ve worn it already, and there are sure to be many more over the years.

j. crew majesty peacoat, j. crew majesty peacoat review, how to wear a peacoat, outfits with peacoat, j. crew majesty peacoat sale

A few things you might be wondering…

  • Is it warm? YES. It’s made of wool and is fully lined; nice and thick without being bulky.
  • How’s the fit? While I’m short enough (5’3″) to fall under the “petite” category, I went with the regular fit just because I didn’t want to have exposed wrists. I got this coat to help me survive Indiana winters. Not just to look cute. As for number size, I’ve found J. Crew often run small, and I normally wear a 0 in their tops. However, I went with a 2 in this coat to make sure there was room for a sweater underneath. (I did try on the 0 but it felt just a tad too tight for optimal comfort.)
  • How’s the quality? Excellent! I’m sure you can find a similar looking coat for less, but when you see this baby up close and personal, I think the details make it worth the extra cost. It never looks wrinkled or rumpled; I’ve worn it a couple dozen times and the fabric looks the same as it did on day 1. Not to mention the buttons are adorable and luxe looking.
  • What color do you recommend? I went with a neutral, classic color just because I didn’t have one already and I wanted to make sure I would get plenty of use out of it. The exact color I’m wearing isn’t available this year, but there are new great colors each year. You really can’t go wrong.

If I’ve convinced you to get your own J. Crew Majesty Peacoat, you can find all your options here! Some colors are on sale, and be sure to check for additional deals going on (right now (as of 12/12/13) you can get 30% off and free shipping with the code GIFTNOW).

7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Workhorse: J. Crew Peacoat

  1. The camel color looks great and the length of the peacoat is perfect for you! I have tons of tees and denim from J Crew, but their outerwear has never fit me quite right. I’m jealous 🙂

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