Wardrobe Workhorse: Leopard Loafers


I had a request a while back for a post on the top 5 (or 10 or whatever) things every woman should have in her closet. I never did it because I felt like those lists have been done over and over and most of them are the same (classic trench! black pumps! earth shattering ideas!).

But the other day when I wore the Cole Haan leopard loafers I bought last summer, I started thinking about how glad I was I got them because I’ve worn them so many times over the past year.

leopardloafers11 // 2 // 3

leopardloafers21 // 2 // 3

Most “must have” lists probably don’t include leopard loafers, but they’ve nonetheless been a staple for me! Basics are great and all, but I for one think it’s those unique, unexpected pieces that will make you stand out and look awesome every time you wear them.

So I’m officially starting the Sarah’s Wardrobe Workhorse series, and leopard loafers are first on the list! If you have an inkling to add some to your closet, I have some great options for you below.

Leopard Loafers

Shop here:  1. Sam Edelman // 2. Steve Madden // 3. Marais USA //

4. Minnetonka // 5. Truth or Dare by Madonna

9 thoughts on “Wardrobe Workhorse: Leopard Loafers

  1. The other day I was wearing an exceptionally cute outfit and had many compliments. One person said that it looked like I had been watching those shows that tell you what not to wear and I was the example of what to wear. I said, “No, I just listen to my Sarah and read her blog”.

  2. My friend would be so proud to know that cheetah print loafers are considered a staple! She had a great pair, one that I was a little skeptical about since it makes such a bold statement. She always lectured me to get my own pair. I never really understood her point till now- I love how you paired your loafers with all your outfits. It’s done in such a classy way, I’m especially loving outfit #3! Thanks for the style inspiration!

  3. YES! Leopard is one of my favorite neutrals to play around with. I love those Steve Madden d’Orsay flats you posted…so chic – and perfect for work AND fun (which makes them the ultimate rational purchase, am I right?!)

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