NYC Day 3

Today I have photos for you from the third and last day of my NYC vacation. That last day was also the busiest. By the end (actually by the afternoon) my feet looked like a pregnant lady’s they were so swollen. Now that I’ve recovered, I can say it was worth it. So here are all the fun places where my tired little tootsies took me:

high line nyc,

Fun #1: The High Line, a park that was built on an old railroad. It’s so much cooler than it sounds, I swear! I can safely say I’ve never been to a park quite like it. It’s not the kind of park where you go to play frisbee with your dog. It’s more of a walking and sightseeing park. It runs above the streets on the west side of Manhattan from 34th Street down to Gansevoort. I definitely recommend checking this place out – it’s still in progress so there will be even more of it in another couple years.

high line nyc

View of the city from along the High Line.

high line nyc

Just chillin’ with one of the sculptures in the park.

kate spade saturday pop up, meatpacking district nyc

Fun #2: Shopping! We walked to the southern end of the High Line, which dropped us in the meatpacking district. And wouldn’t you know it? That’s where the Kate Spade Saturday pop up shop is! I had only checked out the Saturday collection online, and I was nervous about ordering without trying things on or seeing the quality in person. Kate did not disappoint! I grabbed 2 tops and a necklace for pretty reasonable prices. You’ll see them on the blog soon 🙂

brooklyn bridge

Fun #3: Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. This was one major tourist attraction that I had never visited. Now I can check it off my NYC to-do list! We (accidentally) rode the subway to Brooklyn, so we had the best view for the walk. The main thing I learned on my walk? People do not pay attention to the very clear markings that show you where to walk. 


Fun #4: Nerd alert! After getting off the bridge in Manhattan, we were really close to the building that houses the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission. I spent many many hours researching them for my law review paper last year, so it only seemed appropriate to snap a photo outside the building. Nerd alert over.

bite lip lab nyc, custom lipstick

Last but definitely not least…Fun #5: The Bite Lip Lab, where I created my own custom lipstick!  I read about this place on another blog, and I knew I wanted to squeeze in a stop on my trip. The lab is in Soho, and it’s a tiny but really cool-looking (and colorful) shop. It sounds expensive, but it actually cost about the same price as your typical off-the-shelf lipstick from a brand like YSL.

bite lip lab nyc, soho, custom lipstick

First I told them what kind of shade I wanted (coral but not too peachy), and they mixed up some colors for me to try on.

bite lip lab, custom lipstick

I also got to pick from 5 scents – I went with violet, but there were some minty and fruity ones too.

bite lip lab nyc, custom lipstick

Then they mixed up my color, melted it down, and poured it into a mold that sat on a cold surface for a few minutes until it hardened. It was actually really quick! I love how it turned out. I’m wearing my custom color in this post.

Ta da! Told you it was a busy day. I’m glad to be back home and getting into the groove of school, but I’ll be ready to go back to the Big Apple before too long. Thanks to all my friends who made my trip memorable!

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6 thoughts on “NYC Day 3

  1. I’ve actually heard of that park. they showed how they were building it on HGTV. I love your about town outfit. You look about 20 in these pics!

  2. That park sounds beautiful! And I cannot believe you made your own lipstick, how cool! The color turned out great. I would have no idea where to start with that!


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