Arriving on a Jet Plane

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Hey everyone! I’m back from my NJ / NYC trip. I’m exhausted but in the best possible way. I’ll have plenty of photos from the trip (including outfits of course) to share with you over the next few days, but I thought I’d start with what I wore on the trip home yesterday.

For air travel I don’t really have a go-to uniform, but in the summer I generally wear more coverage on one half of my body than the other. Since airplanes have a magical way of always being either too hot or too cold, this way there’s always at least one half of me that’s comfortable. I will still complain about the other half of me though. Hash tag first world problems.

Besides that, I go pretty minimal on the jewelry so there’s less to take off at security, and I like to wear my hair down because a ponytail against an airplane seat in its full upright and locked position makes me bend my head forward like I’m praying the whole flight. If I did pray, I would probably pray for a separate plane for babies.

Sweater* // Shorts // similar Bracelet // similar Shoes (on sale) // Bag

*Sweater courtesy of H&M.

7 thoughts on “Arriving on a Jet Plane

    • Hmmm….eBay?? This has been a pretty popular bag for a few years now so they don’t go on sale very often! I got mine 2 years ago when Saks had their 20% off Friends & Family sale so it was a pretty good deal. Still over $100 but as you can see, it is still going strong even after I used it to carry law books for a year! Also I think this bag comes in different sizes, so maybe you could find one of the smaller ones for a more affordable price. Good luck!

  1. I loooooove that top – and even better, I discovered if you just switch the US in the H&M website URL to GB….it brings it up so I can buy it – genius!!!

  2. Pretty top! Its an excellent color for you. I love this casual look especially those kicks! I like to wear a maxi dress on airplanes then bring a sweater.


  3. OK…. So my Hubby walked by while I was looking at this post, and just about freaked! Seriously… He wants to take me shopping right now! Who knew that such a cute & relaxed outfit could be soooooo appealing to a guy??? Not to mention I think he has a thing for women who wear Keds, cause he said he’s getting me a pair of Kate Spade ones to go with my three others… I already have white ones, blue ones, and red ones… Hmmmmm maybe I can talk him into a cute little grey pair too!!! Heck… why stop there… Im gonna swing for the fence… I know he’ll go while when he sees all the cute ones that Kate Spade has out right now….
    – Lady’s listen up… I have found the key to men… Lose the Chucks! Guys like it when you dress like a woman… Go feminine and get yourself some Keds!!!!

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