A Paisley Romance

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Target, you did it again. You dangled a $25 dress in front of my face and made me buy it. But come on…it’s paisley. How could I not? It’s so adorable and comfy that I wanted to wear it all day at work and into the evening (hence the change of shoes in hand). I was also thinking it will look really cute in the fall with tall socks and my equestrian style brown boots. My relationship with this dress is clearly getting pretty serious. It was love at first sight and I’m already planning for our future together. Luckily, we have a quirky meet-cute to tell everyone about: “Would you believe it, Ethel?! We met at Target!” (For some reason I imagine having this conversation over tea with an old lady named Ethel, who is also wearing paisley.)

Dress // similar Bag (on sale) // similar Heels // similar Flats (on sale) // Bracelet (on sale) // Necklace

11 thoughts on “A Paisley Romance

  1. Your dress in lovely, I love paisley too! I think the option of the green/blue shoes keeps the outfit fresh therefor is better than the bourgundy shoes as the later will make the look very matronly. Sara

  2. Love it! What are your thoughts on sizing? Sometimes Target’s clothes can be oddly sized. The turquoise (?) shoes are fantastic!

  3. That’s a lovely little number! You look great. I like Target as much as the next gal but in my opinion that looks very luxe. it looks more expensive that Target!

  4. Oh wow! I was super surprised to see that was a Target dress! It looks vintage, and I totally love it! Those colors are lovely, and I bet the dress will look gorgeous in the fall 🙂


  5. OOO, I love the blue shoes as well as the burgundy shoes! And I can totally picture it with riding boots in the fall. Get it, girl!!


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