Romping Around

romper1 romper2 romper3 romper4 romper5


I bought a romper shortly before my 25th birthday because I thought it was cute and I was worried there might be an age limit on rompers (actually there is – and it’s 18 months).

I wore it a couple times, washed it, and it shrank, so I couldn’t wear it again whether or not I was too old for it. I had pretty much written off the romper – or the adult onesie, as I like to call it – until I saw this one at Loft. Besides the fact that it’s a romper, it actually has a very chic structure and pattern. So now that I’m coming up on my 28th birthday, I figured what better time to try out a more mature romper.


See? Mature.

Romper // similar Jacket // similar Bag (on sale) // similar Shoes (on sale) // Sunglasses (on sale)

P.S. I was blown away by all the great reactions to yesterday’s post. I really truly appreciate all the comments, retweets, shares, and “happy anniversary” wishes! Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Romping Around

  1. This is DARLING and you work it well! I don’t know what I was thinking last summer when I bought a romper that was so low on top that I had to focus on super great posture, lest I show my itty bitty boobies, and so short on bottom that if I sneeze, you can see all of God’s creation between my legs. I wore it ONCE to a club and haven’t had the nerve since. I’m 43. 😉

    • Sounds like that needs to go to Goodwill! My philosophy is: you should put plenty of thought into what you wear, but once you’re dressed you shouldn’t have to think about it anymore. No matter how cute something is, it’s not worth it if you’re too busy adjusting yourself.

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