4 Tips for Proper Print Mixing

Today’s post is dedicated to my mother-in-law (congrats, Cindy). As a regular reader of my blog, she tries to up her style quotient by following my lead. Recently she showed me an outfit she wore after seeing all the times I’ve worn different prints together. It wasn’t pretty, people. Apparently I had not given enough step-by-step guidance on how to choose two prints that actually look good together.
After recoiling in horror at the bad outfit I had inspired, I decided I just couldn’t live with this on my conscience. So for Cindy and anyone else who needs tips on how to pull off the print mixing trend, here are a few tips and handy visuals to get you on the right track.
Note: Since this blog is all about real-life style, I’m taking a conservative approach with these tips. If you live in a fashion-forward city or work in a non-traditional office, feel free to scoff at my silly little rules!
Tip #1: Look for corresponding colors
paisley, polka dots, gingham, print mixing tips, how to wear mixed prints

Tip #2: To play it safe, don’t put prints side-by-side

floral and leopard together, how to wear mixed prints, print mixing tips, leopard pumps

Tip #3: Start with a neutral-colored print

floral with polka dots, how to wear, how to mix prints, polka dot dress, floral blazer

Tip #4: Consider the scale of the prints

stripes with floral, how to mix prints, wearing different prints, print mixing tips


19 thoughts on “4 Tips for Proper Print Mixing

  1. Love your ideas; although you are much younger than me, I am able to use some of your great ideas. I just love fashion and I spend a few hours a week looking at Pinterest app and buy many fashion magazines to satisfy my hobby. I proud to say I’m 65 years young and dress better at this age than I did when I was younger, thanks to blogs like yours. keep up the great work!

  2. Totally agree- your link IS the best from links a la mode:) Amazing job and agree with every point you make here:) What collage/editor thing do you use to make these images?

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