Take Me Out to the Ballgame

paisley shorts, J. Crew panama hat, green bag J. Crew panama hat paisley shorts ballgame4 J. Crew panama hat ballgame6 paisley shorts, J. Crew panama hat ballgame8

It’s a miracle! I found a hat that is more than roomy enough for my big noggin. I rarely wear hats because the usual one-size-fits-all toppers cut off the circulation to my brain. Bad brain circulation severely limits my witty banter ability, and no one wants that. Luckily, this Panama hat comes in multiple sizes, the largest of which is big enough for my genius brain.

Once I found the hat, the next step was waiting for the right time to wear it. A law office isn’t exactly hat territory, so weekdays were out. And since I’m not normally a hat wearer, I didn’t want to wear it all day when I would be inside. Just feels unnatural to me. Luckily, I made plans to go to an Indianapolis Indians game on Saturday! (I swear I didn’t go just so I could wear the hat. Although it was a nice bonus.)

A baseball game and a Panama hat? All I had to add was the witty banter.

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