#PinToRealLife Roundup

pinterest to real life outfitsOne // Two // Three

pinterest to real life outfits

Four // Five // Six // Seven

Hey guys! Look at all this cute stuff I wore during the Pin to Real Life challenge! In case counting’s not your thing, that’s seven outfits all inspired by my Pinterest board. In case calendars aren’t your thing, that’s a whole week’s worth. [pause for applause] Oh, and I even did a recipe! [pause for oohs, aahs, and more applause]

I found that hitting up my old pins for new ideas was really fun and a pretty easy way to figure out what to wear the next day, so I have a feeling this Pin to Real Life thing will be a regular feature, even if I don’t proclaim an official week again. In other words, please keep sending me your Pin to Real Life links! They make me feel very important and influential in the blogging world, which obviously I am.

Thanks to all the bloggers who joined me last week in recreating looks from their Pinterest boards:

5 thoughts on “#PinToRealLife Roundup

  1. Love all of your pin-spirations! I love this challenge so much that I’m going to keep doing it for the rest of the month. Thanks for the great idea!

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